The diet for stomach acid

It comes mainly from stress, it is called gastritis . Very feared by those who download everything on the stomach. Burning, aerophagia, nausea, halitosis : here are some symptoms.

But it is not just character factors and an emotional and anxiety-prone predisposition to determine gastroesophageal reflux, other responsible should be found between too abundant meals, foods that are difficult to digest, drugs or some glass too many .

The anti-burning diet that we recommend here focuses mainly on the simplicity of food and cooking . Food should be eaten raw, boiled or steamed .

In addition, meals must be light and not very substantial but frequent, based on easily digestible foods. A good rule is to eat slowly, chewing food for a long time: it should not be forgotten that the first step of good digestion starts right in the mouth.

The anti-burning diet

Among the foods that have proved useful in alleviating the symptoms of gastritis and stomach acid, there are: carrots, potatoes, ginger, oats, bananas, fennel, melon, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, parsley, rice and olive oil pasta .

A diet rich in fiber is perfect: it helps eliminate toxins and improves the health and efficiency of your digestive system.

Yes therefore to whole grains, bran, oat flakes. Also the consumption of aloe and mucilage (algae for example) would alleviate the annoying burning . Protein foods should be cooked lightly, degreased well, without using hot spices, wine or lemon during cooking.

Also useful are the herbal teas for the stomach that help to soothe disorders such as gastritis, difficult digestion, acidity and burning.

No dry combined dishes, which contain both proteins and carbohydrates together and force the stomach to double work; avoid fried food and prolonged and heavy cooking. In essence, the anti-acidity diet must be poor in all those foods that remain in the stomach for a long time, including mature cheeses, sausages, chocolate, while it must be rich in foods that are easily digested.

No also to naturally acidic foods, such as vinegar, citrus fruits, hot spices, dried fruit, tomatoes . Sometimes even fresh bread can be annoying.

Drinking a lot goes well, but avoid fizzy drinks, white wine, spirits, tomato or citrus juice, tea, coffee or chocolate, which accentuate acidity. Yes instead of lots of water and herbal teas made from artichoke, dandelion, cumin, mallow and fennel.

Attention: mint, milk and bicarbonate are often considered effective home remedies, but they stop at the moment, risking to make the situation worse. If it does not pass, it is good to go to your doctor to fully understand, with tests, what it is.

Stomach acid can cause halitosis: discover natural remedies

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