Female beauty

The concept of female beauty has always given rise to questions and reflections, both from philosophers and from writers and artists, who have coined many aphorisms about female beauty .

Approaching the vision that the well-known tombeur de femmes Giacomo Casanova had, for example, "a woman is a thousand times more attractive when she comes out of the arms of Morpheus than after a thorough toilet".

And again paraphrasing the Norwegian writer and playwright Henrik Ibsen who asks himself: "What is beauty? A convention, a currency that has run only in a given time and in a given place ".

Feminine beauty: what is meant today as it is today

Yes, female beauty places us before considerable aesthetic questions. Surely a beautiful Italian woman will be canonically different from a beautiful Norwegian woman.

Casanova and Ibsen faced different models. But what transpires from their words, today still absolutely acceptable, is the "naturalness" and the "relativity" of female beauty .

Those that can be called the "canons" of aesthetic beauty, beyond foolish television models or glossy pages of redone faces, seem to be the harmony of the parts, the naturalness of being in its totality and a sort of way of posing towards others and the world (behavior, gestures, posture, way of speaking) that can make a woman a "beautiful woman".

Female beauty: between sloppiness and facelift

Feminine beauty alternates different phases, both chronostorically, influenced by times and fashions, and at a personal age level. A woman is otherwise beautiful at 20 to 30 or 60 years. The world is also full of women who are too indulgent to themselves in front of the mirror, out of laziness, hurry or lack of time or goodwill.

At the same time, the world is also full of women who spend and spread in facelifts, breast augmentation, breast, belly and butt operations, without sparing themselves from buying the most expensive latest-generation cream on the market, capable of miracles above, below and all around.

In short, among the sloppy women and the now so many lifting addicts there is a band of "normal" women, who want to feel naturally beautiful, who simply take care of themselves every day because for them feminine beauty is not something to show off, but not even to hide, it is indeed part of their natural being.

Female beauty according to nature

Feminine beauty is born, forms, develops according to nature and accompanies it gently. A woman who loves her beauty is first and foremost a woman who loves herself. He will therefore be attentive to his life and to the habits associated with it at 360 degrees, following a concept of holistic beauty.

A beautiful caring woman:

- Nutrition : yes to healthy and natural foods, as little as possible artificially worked. Fruit, vegetables, natural juices, tea, herbal teas, lots of water are not lacking in his daily diet. Not to smoke, too much alcohol, too many coffee.

- Physical and spiritual activity : yes to movement in the open air, swimming, for example, yoga, meditation, dedicating oneself to spaces related to the care of one's own spirituality. All those important attentions to dedicate to the mind, the spirit and the body to make them walk harmoniously along the same good road. No fixation on the physical, on forced fasting to remedy the extra pound.

- Skin protection and care : the skin is everything for female beauty. Yes to self-care, natural products for cosmetics, protection against the sun's rays, nourishment for the skin both from the outside and from the inside. No to exaggerations, to the obsessions that produce the opposite effect: if every day a mask is made, however natural it may be, the skin is no longer able to absorb the substances it really needs and becomes stressed.

- Sleep well. A good restful sleep accompanied by everything that can induce it. Somatotropin (the growth hormone) is called the anti-aging hormone and is produced mainly in the early stages of deep sleep. With age, the production of somatotropin decreases. To stimulate it, it is advisable to follow a diet rich in vitamin B3 and to help the body with honey and flower pollen extracts. No frugal meals before going to bed: eating late now disturbs your beauty sleep, because a full stomach hinders natural regeneration!

- Small tricks Feng shui for the surrounding environment. For example, having at home plants like aloe vera that purify the air, or like the Cyperus papyrus that acts as a humidifier. Yes in relaxing and harmonious colors and materials of natural origin free of harmful substances. An optimal living climate is obtained, for example, with wooden floors, natural fiber carpets, terracotta tiles and natural wall paints. No electro-smog sources, avoid leaving the appliances in stand-by mode and also turn off wireless LAN systems after use.

How to rediscover one's feminine energy?

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