Christmas decorations with recycled material

Christmas decorations are not just those that are bought in stationery or at the supermarket. As the Christmas spirit teaches, in these days we should all be together, with loved ones, to whom we love.

So why not spend a few hours creating fun and funny decorations with what you find at home? Easy and nice anti-crisis, time-saving ideas that bring people together!

Here are some simple ideas for making Christmas decorations with recycled material, a panacea for the soul and the well-being of the Planet!

Decorations you can eat

It is used in the Nordic countries, in Scandinavia. Arm yourself with pastry and ginger, cinnamon, butter, flour, a wheel and lots of cookie cutters. Choose a recipe for a basic pastry for biscuits, to which you can then add spices to your liking or chocolate glaze, meringues, grains and colored sprinkles. Remember to make a hole for each cookie, before cooking it, when it is still in the pan.

Once you have baked the biscuits, put a string or a colored ribbon and hang them on the tree or around the house : they will give a touch of fragrant and delicious joy to your Christmas morning!

Natural material to decorate Christmas

Arm yourself with a knife and citrus fruit. Cut lots of lemon and orange slices and put them to dry near the heater. After a couple of days, when they become completely dry, you can hang them with colored ribbons on the tree or you can use them, together with cinnamon sticks, to decorate the Christmas table napkins. Always oranges and mandarins, but also lemons or apples, can become nice placeholders, if they are slipped into the bark of fragrant cloves to form the name of the guest!

The pine cones that you found a few months ago in the woods can become nice colored candles and scented with resin. Just tie a wick around the pinecone, leaving a piece out, and dip the pinecone completely in the wax that you previously melted in a saucepan, wax from remains of advanced candles. Dip the pine cone as often as you wish, your candle will take shape and color!

And a similar thing can be done with mandarin, here is the video of the mandarin candle, for a Christmas full of lights!

Recycled is better: a sprint to the imagination!

Do not throw your old, scratched CDs! Take some scissors and cut them into small pieces, like making many pieces of a mosaic. Use them as if they were mirrors, sticking them on the Christmas balls, on the balloons, around small frames made of sticks. They will light up the house and your Christmas!

The same thing can be done with beverage cans or aluminum candle holders, the small tea lights so to speak. Just cut out some nice shapes (little angels, little stars, hearts, Christmas trees) and light up your imagination, just like Paper blog, a blog dedicated to paper, but not only!

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