Purify the crystals

What is crystal purification?

Witches' or shaman's stuff: in this way the practices related to the purification and magnetization of the crystals were considered until not many years ago.

The reality is that we know very little about crystals . On a scientific level we have analyzed the chemical formulas and crystal structures but much remains to be discovered. For example, there is a whole field of research on crystals linked to electromagnetic fields and to the emission of lights and sounds (ultimately, vibrations) that we cannot perceive with naked eyes.

Let's talk about fluorescence and phosphorescence that can be perceived with Wood's lamp, for example. So it is certain that minerals in many cases emit radiation that we are not aware of.

It is on this assumption that crystals were given special powers in ancient times. Behind this belief, there is what we might call a protoscience, or a methodical pseudoscience, a part of which is what is now commonly called crystallotherapy.

According to this series of practices and researches, so that the crystals can be used in a completely functional way, they must first be purified and then activated or magnetized . Crystal cleaning is in fact the first of the prerequisites in this field.

Crystal purification, comparison methods

We have said that cleaning or purifying crystals is the first thing to do . But it is good to make it clear that we are not talking about a physical but energetic process. The crystals are in fact magnetized (in an esoteric and unscientific sense) by the vibrations with which they have been in contact: memories, emotions, atmospheres.

There are various methods of crystal purification . The most common is water purification . We are not talking about common water but about water that has been exposed to an entire lunar cycle: from full moon to full moon. This water can be stored and used to purify the memory of objects. It is ideal in the case of crystals.

Another method is to expose a new crystal to other previously purified crystals . Slowly the vibrations are aligned and the higher the number of purified crystals to which the new crystal is exposed, the faster the purification times will be.

Another method that involves the use of the elements is purification with the earth . The crystal in question will be buried in a natural place, like in a forest or in the high mountains. Reconnect to the cradle of earth from which it comes, where the vibrations of other rocks, roots and lightning have great power, will be a great way to purify.

It is generally a process that takes from one day to a week. Even the vibration of sunlight can be effective, as well as the exposure to sound sources that vibrate at specific frequencies, as well as well-tuned Tibetan bells, to give an example.

Activation or magnetization of the crystals

Once passed through this process, our crystals are ready to be activated or magnetized with specific imprints. Also in this case the methods are numerous: we can again use magnetized water, together with specific messages left to soak in it for at least a week.

We can keep the crystals with us during visualization, meditation, concentration or contemplation practices ; we can ask specific people who embody or represent a special vibratory category to keep the crystal in physical contact with them for which day.

In the end, the processes of activation or programming of the crystals are more numerous than the processes of purification or demagnetization.

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