Ideal exercises to firm up the belly (keeping the enthusiasm inside)

The umpteenth beer and the belly swells. First of all, was it crafted? A harmless apple and the abdomen mumbles. But did we eat it after a meal?

How to start asking yourself the right questions to reduce the sensation of bloating and what exercises to firm up your stomach and start loving yourself inside out the abdominal area.

What's in the belly: emotions and muscles

The belly as a reservoir of emotions, in what sense? Some speak of a true "abdominal brain"; Michael D. Gershon, author of the book "The second brain", discovered that 95% of the serotonin, a neuromediator that affects moods, is created thanks to the cells of the intestine. Air accumulation, meteorism, halitosis, diarrhea, constipation, irritable colon, are all disorders that have a very strong bond with the unconscious and the way in which we live the feelings triggered by reactions to external situations.

In the stomach we find all the visceral emotions: remnants of anger, resentment, resentment, inability to self-affirmation. In general, those feelings that arise from an unbalanced relationship between giving and having.

As for the muscles of this area, here are the absolute protagonists of the front abdomen area:

  • The rectum of the abdomen, a muscular fascia that covers the abdomen anteriorly, which connects the sternum with the pubic cartilages;
  • The transversus of the abdomen, covers the abdomen-laterally abdomen, reaching far behind the back;
  • The internal and external oblique represent muscle bundles that fan out the entire abdominal surface, also allowing the pelvis to flex and lift.

In the rear area we find:

  • The dorsal gran is a flat muscle that covers the middle and lower portions of the back;
  • The square of the loins and the iliopsoas are deep muscles that delimit the abdominal cavity posteriorly, the first starting from the pelvic bones (iliac crest), the other from the femur, both reaching the lumbar spine and allowing the tilting movements of the pelvis.

Also try the exercises to firm up your legs

Exercises to firm up the belly

Here are some exercises to firm up your belly with creativity and enthusiasm, mixed with useful tips:

  • Free trials of laughter with heavy use of the diaphragm . Strive, even if the day has been black. It is a kind of self-therapy;
  • Re-evaluate chewing and make it your friend. Go slowly up there, at the level of the mouth, so as to "give less work" to the bass;
  • Beware of food combinations. Mixing proteins, swelling white flour-based products, mixing sweet, sub-acid and acid fruits and other similar errors should be avoided across the board;
  • Green light for c runch on the ground, crunches with even flexed or inverse to the bar or parallel bars, crunch on a bench (supported or suspended), lifting of legs and knees (bar, parallel bars, bench). We always recommend that you work trying to protect your back, reducing lumbar lordosis to a physiological condition of balance between anterior and posterior tensions. Be followed by someone who can put you in touch with proprioceptive control, at least in the early stages of the executions;
  • Free use of gym ball, Swiss ball or Bobat or Fitball ball . Exercising with a ball allows training that allows optimal muscle activation on the entire fiber. Furthermore, there is always the need to look for stability and this activates the muscle fibers in depth.

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