Yoga, sleep and iRest

The iRest method

Different ways to reach psychological and emotional healing . A millenary tradition of yoga techniques joins recent sleep studies. The iRest stands for Integrative Restoration, a practice that transforms and if it is true that transformation is the principle of shamanic forms, of the oldest psychophysical disciplines, it is true in the same way that if meditation and yoga Nidra join psychological therapy, the transformation perhaps catalyzes. It is a relaxing and therapeutic guided meditation . The iRest is divided into 8 stages:

  1. Body sensations ;
  2. Breath sensations ;
  3. Emotion observation ;
  4. Pain observation ;
  5. Thought observation ;
  6. Awareness;
  7. Joy;
  8. Integration of the whole.

The iRest brings the practitioner into direct contact with an inner "reservoir" of solidity and kindness towards oneself, with a profound good towards oneself. Self-destructive mechanisms fail and we move towards freedom as the purpose of life. The connection between body and mind intensifies and this inevitably leads to a familiarity with what keeps us alive: the breath.

Richard Miller, the creator of the method, is a clinical psychologist and yoga teacher and has designed this practice by assembling it specifically for problems of anxiety, depression, trauma or other disorders that affect his existence. And above all for all those contributing factors that lead to states of insomnia . He combined the combination of traditional spiritual principles and psychology relaxation techniques in a spirit of integration. We try to understand what hinders openness to joy.

Who is Richard Miller and what benefits the IRest brings

We really like to think that this piscologist has been "contaminating" his lessons with meditations, Pranayama exercises, asanas. But it is not a mix that remains superficial. Miller's integration is the result of a deep exploration. In short, Miller had among his teachers figures like Swami Satchidananda, Bikram Choudry, and, sorry if it is little, TDK Desikachar, son of the great Tirumalai Krishnamacharya . Among the masters also Jean Klein, a teacher of non-dualism ( advaita ) and Kashmiri Yoga.

Miller himself explained: "Pain, discomfort are messengers, " friends "that require attention. Our task is to invite them to show themselves completely to welcome what they have to reveal about us, about them."

The iRest has already been applied to war veterans, who have experienced greater resilience from trauma and the resulting depression. Not only that, many patients who reported noticeable improvements made themselves useful to other veterans in difficulty. Miller is also carrying out projects to support the homeless, children who experience difficult family situations, subjects sunk by the economic crisis.

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