Natural remedies for small summer ailments

Holidays by the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside or in cities can present some pitfalls; sun, heat and movement can cause discomfort and minor illness.

Let's see how to act, with natural remedies, against jellyfish stings, sunburn, mosquito bites, car sickness and low blood pressure.

What to do if you get stung by a jellyfish

Touching a jellyfish can be a very bad adventure; the most relevant symptom is the burning pain that is felt at the point of contact, followed by an intense and very annoying itching.

The first thing to do is to eliminate any tentacles left in contact with the skin, which could inject more poison.

The affected area must then be treated with hot water, preferably salt water ; for example, you can take sea water on shore, which is never too cool.

Be careful, however, not to touch your eyes with your hands, if these have come into contact with the poison of the jellyfish, as you risk injury. Also, avoid rubbing the affected area on the sand and do not treat it with cold cold water .

    What to do against mosquito bites

    One of the most hated little annoyances of summer is mosquito bites. Unfortunately, despite all the precautions, often the small buzzing insects go straight to the target and strike. What natural remedies can we use to soothe itching and swelling of mosquito bites ?

    • The ice, applied directly to the puncture, can give immediate relief.
    • Rub a slice of lemon can soothe both the swelling and the itching;
    • Garlic has a less pleasant smell, but can be quite effective on both on itching and swelling;
    • Spread a wad soaked in water and salt or a paste made with water and bicarbonate on the puncture.
    • If you prefer the kind of natural remedies that you can always keep in your bag, you could buy an aloe vera- based gel to use when needed.

    Try mosquito repellent with essential oils

    What to do for sunburns

    The sun erythemas must first be prevented, using adequate protection and not exposing themselves during the hottest hours. If, however, we have not taken all the precautions and burned ourselves, we can resort to 2 simple natural remedies to alleviate the burning :

    1. After taking a shower, with cold or fresh water, cool the area further with an ice bag, wrapped in a soft cotton cloth.
    1. Moisturize and soothe the skin with a vegetable oil, for example wheat germ oil, or argan oil .

    What to do against car sickness

    Car sickness, as we know, can be very annoying and disturb the journey, especially when driving on curvy roads, such as those that lead to mountain resorts.

    A very effective natural remedy against nausea and vomiting, also useful in case of motion sickness, is ginger. There are several ginger products against car sickness: chewing gum, capsules, candy ... even lollipops.

    Before using these remedies, read the leaflet carefully to verify that there are no specific contraindications, especially when you want to use the product for children or pregnant women.

    What to do against low blood pressure

    Another annoyance, typical of the hottest days, is represented by the pressure drops, which must be very careful especially for the risk of fainting and consequent falls.

    One of the effective natural remedies against low blood pressure is coffee .

    Other beverages indicated are tea, karkadè and tamarind . Chocolate and bananas can also be useful.

    Another natural remedy against low blood pressure is licorice.

    Holiday ginger

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