Bach flowers for menopause

The Bach flowers for menopause act on the emotional states that emerge in this crucial phase of every woman's life, in which the menstrual cycle is interrupted, and consequently, marks the end of the fertile period .

While not representing a disease, but a natural physiological event, it is experienced by the majority of women as a pathological condition, a " fracture " that involves inevitable physical, psychological and social repercussions.

At the physical level, the protection of the heart and vessels is reduced, while the risk of atherosclerosis and osteoporosis increases; on the other hand, from an emotional point of view, the woman has to deal with the advancing time, with anxiety and strong mood swings caused by hormonal imbalances and in more serious cases with depression.

Menopause and its disorders

Menopause consists in the definitive cessation of menstruation, due to the arrest of ovarian activity, between about 45 and 52 years.

With the menopause, the third age begins, a moment of difficult transition for every woman who, even if with modalities, subjective perceptions and expectations, finds herself having to face practical and existential problems that can influence her perception of herself, threatening the expression of her own femininity and negatively affecting one's quality of life .

At this very delicate moment in itself, there are a series of disorders and imbalances, of profound transformations, which lead to an emotional level to live this period with the fear of losing one's social condition and affections, the anxiety for the future and impatience with the current situation. The lack of the menstrual cycle as a scan of time can also feed the demeaning perception that one's "time", in a sense, has ended.

The most common disorders, related to the emotional sphere, which can arise in menopause are anxiety, mood alteration, depression, insomnia, listlessness, melancholy or sadness, loss of concentration and memory.

To face menopause and all these changes, flower therapy can be a very valuable help. Let's see what can be the most suitable to support the woman in this delicate period, which if positively lived allows to integrate in her personality a part of herself, first linked to the physical-biological sphere, and to develop a creativity that allows her to move her attention to other aspects of life . It is the beginning of a new phase of life, in which the creative impulse, instead of pouring out cyclically outside, has the possibility to concentrate entirely on the inner self .

Menopause according to traditional Chinese medicine

Bach flowers for menopause

In a society dominated by the cult of youth, the changes that the body undergoes, such as weight gain or loss of tissue elasticity, and stopping the cycle can challenge female identity . If this natural passage is experienced with altered moods, flower therapy can be of great help.

  • Walnut : the remedy that sustains change, in the existential passage, and that reduces flushes . The flower protects when, in the transition phase, the woman becomes hypersensitive, unstable and confused, as if she were defenseless. The remedy helps those who find themselves at a turning point in their lives, but reject change, failing to reconcile the new with the old . Walnut allows you to serenely accept the inevitable changes to transform them into new life opportunities .
  • Honeysuckle : it is the remedy of nostalgia for how one was before, of sadness, of those who live in the past and lack interest in the present. It is used for example for the woman who was beautiful and therefore lives with regrets : immersed in the memories of a lost era; he is afraid of the future, he does not accept to grow and ends up finding himself "suddenly aged". He wants to stop the time and does not accept the advancing old age. Honeysuckle is also useful for the woman who instead has an unresolved link with the past, who lives in remorse for not having fulfilled her ambitions. She has no experience because she expects nothing positive either from the present or from the future. He does not think he will find happiness similar to the one he has already known. Honeysuckle allows you to accept change, new and personal development; helps to grow, to look at the past in a serene way, to live the present looking to the future.
  • Agrimony : it is the remedy for anxiety . Useful to the woman who tends to hide her feelings behind an apparent happiness; who is afraid of being alone and for this reason, hides his own worry, bitterness and strong inner torment, behind an apparent tranquility. It projects self-rejection outside with the loss of self-esteem . He rarely says no, and is willing to do anything to avoid conflicts and discussions. Agrimony is therefore the remedy for nervous hunger or food gratification.
  • Crab Apple : it is the remedy for attachment to physical form, useful to those who feel undesirable, and do not like it. This is the flower of deep purification from physical, emotional and mental toxins: it helps those who have a bad relationship with their body, who feel shame of themselves and lack of self -love . Crab Apple teaches us to become aware of looking inward by accepting our dark side, the good and the bad that coexist in us.
  • Scleranthus : it is the remedy for mood instability and lack of emotional balance . It is used for women who experience this moment in a fluctuating way, like an inner conflict . The flower is useful for those who feel a deep dissatisfaction, because they are still searching for their place in life. Scleranthus allows you to build a new scale of values and priorities, and within these helps you choose to make sense of your life . Helps keep mood swings under control, recovering emotional balance.

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