Homeopathy for children

The homeopathic remedy

Homeopathy (from homòios, similar, and pàthos, disease) aims to treat symptoms or diseases with infinitesimal doses of substances that in higher doses would cause the same ailments or diseases in healthy subjects (" Similia similibus curantur "). Homeopathic remedies tend to respect the body, not eliminating the symptom, but rather stimulating the individual to overcome the disease, strengthening the constitution. Homeopathic substances for therapeutic purposes are 70% of plant origin, but there are also substances of animal and mineral origin. They are all subjected to dilution and shaking, to eliminate the toxicological properties, exalting instead the therapeutic ones.

The homeopath prescribes the remedy based on the different psychophysical characteristics for each patient. This implies a listening and a human approach towards the person, and not only towards the disease, as often happens with traditional medicine.

This is the most important benefit of the homeopathic approach. The dispute between homeopathy and traditional medicine is resolved in the unscientific nature of homeopathic remedies, due to the placebo effect, and the question of the interest of pharmaceutical companies is often called into question. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of homeopathy leads to many people disappointed by conventional medical treatments. This applies to adults. The interest of mothers and fathers for homeopathy for children is growing today. We understand better what it is.

Homeopathy for children

Homeopathy for children is a much debated topic. If it is true that the natural remedy is controlled and that, as the opponents say, is attributable only to the placebo effect, there remains the risk, for the child, of the suspension of a traditional medical therapy. According to some studies, children who have opted for homeopathy have had serious problems. According to other studies, and other points of view, homeopathy is harmless and cannot be linked to these problems.

But why should homeopathy for children be so effective? The baby's body has a very pure immune system reactivity and is therefore very sensitive to any stimulus. Never having used too many allopathic drugs, the child's body is pure and reactive. This is why the homeopathic remedy seems to work, stimulating the body's natural self-healing process.

What does it heal? In children, homoepathy is frequently used for dermatitis, diarrhea, fever, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, inflammations such as sore throat, stomach ache, hay fever and constipation.

How do you take homeopathic medicines? Drops, syrups, tablets and so-called 'globules', sugar spheres impregnated with a homeopathic solution to be dissolved under the tongue.

Recommended books

- Practical homeopathy for children, Gianfranco Trapani

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