The KeepCup phenomenon

What is KeepCup

In addition to forever eliminating plastic straws, it's time to say goodbye also to cups and cups . The idea of KeepCup was born from Oceania : as illustrated on, it is an innovative reusable, customizable cup available in a wide variety of colors, materials and sizes.

But KeepCup is not just any cup : it's "your cup", which you take to the bar to fill it with your favorite beverage, be it tea, coffee or cappuccino. But how does the bartender figure out the right dose?

No problem, the Keep Cups are really called "Standard Barista", because their measurements are adequate for the quantities provided for the various drinks.

Each of these cups can be reused about 1500 times, which is equivalent to a duration of 3 years . Made of glass, polypropylene, LDPE (low density polyethylene), cork and silicone, they are easy to wash and transport. "Goes to Italy" is the official distributor of KeepCup Italia.

Why KeepCup: hygiene and sustainability

The idea was born in Melbourne, Australia, where take away is at home, even for hot drinks. Here the founder decided to create a customizable and washable cup, in order to reduce the enormous consumption of disposable paper and plastic cups and cups .

It has been shown that by replacing KeepCup for normal disposable cups for one year, the environmental impact of a simple and daily gesture like drinking tea or coffee is reduced by 99%. This also corresponds to lower water consumption and a drop in greenhouse gases released into the environment.

This cup makes work and leisure time more eco-friendly, giving your days fun and color.

Ecology and design

Responsible reuse, useful and practical, as well as hygienic: this wants to be KeepCup. There are many certifications that demonstrate environmental and social sustainability.

A note of merit also goes to the design, colorful, innovative and totally customizable. Reddot Design Award, Eco Buy Awards, European Coffee Awards are just some of the prizes awarded to the product.

On the KeepCup Facebook page you can discover the sustainable stories of places, people and products (told through words and videos) and get to know Abigail, the founder of this environmentally friendly startup.

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