Pythagoras and onomantic numerology. Interview with Angela Rech

The image that shows the sequence of numbers and forms a square we chose at the end of the call on the proposal of Angela Rech herself , who will be in Assisi on 12 January for a seminar on onomantic numerology , followed by individual sessions on the 13th January .

If you observe it well you will notice that if 2 and 3 have multiples as underlying numbers, while below 1 there is a 5. The 5. It is not random. The 5, explains Angela, is the number from which the novelty originates, the new that breaks in, that new that every man brings with him, every man as the first Adam.

This at the end of the call. And at the beginning? I was about to ask you the classic question: what is onomantic numerology ? But here comes to me a simple and direct question mark.

Who is Pythagoras for you?

I can answer based on what was my meeting with him through his philosophy of life. I think this extraordinary man had found in advance a language that could be universal . Without the number there would be nothing. The universality of the number would have allowed us to get around the confusion that the word has implemented. He started from geometry then to shapes he attributed numbers in order to codify, to make understandable.

Many years have passed since I approached this figure and I have always been fascinated by the fact that, before he died, he himself declared that as he had experienced up to that moment there was nothing true .

Now, Pythagoras was born in Samos in 575 BC in 535 BC he went to Egypt where he was able to closely absorb customs, beliefs, ascetic acts oriented towards purification. In 525 BC, Cambyses II, the king of Persia, invades Egypt. Pythagoras is taken prisoner and taken to Babylon. Then, in 520 BC he returned to Samos. A brief parenthesis in Crete then Samo again, where he founded a school called the semicircle .

Its arrival in the southern part of Italy dates back to around 518 BC. Whoever decides to enter the school that Pythagoras opens in Crotone also assumes the conscious responsibility to fast, pray, meditate ; many families are separated because communication between people of different sexes is not free. And this great character, after having passed on teachings of the highest caliber of initiation and spiritual, decides to declare false every experience . A brilliant intuition that frees the teachings from the duality of true and false in which many initiatory schools of that period had fallen. It does not give a truth to which to cling and which might have become the pretext to escape from oneself; on the contrary, it provides a system within which it is possible to play .

Even today, in fact, in this system I have not found any contradiction.

I do not think it is a coincidence that many esotericists see the continuation of the energetic manifestation gathered in Pythagoras in St. Francis of Assisi, as if it were always God who continues to live through men as great as they both were.

What's in the first and last name?

All. Our names and surnames are perfect, they are the result of a perfectly ordered direction.

But many names are given randomly or by fashion or without any awareness about the etymological root ...

See, everything can be interpreted with the mind or with an intuition that comes from a deeper mind .

Plato said that if you know a person's name, you know everything .

The name actually corresponds to a vibration that is perfect with the date of birth.

But there are cases in which the date of birth does not correspond to the truth. What do you rely on in that case?

Yes, for example many African children are enrolled when the father succeeds, and if he succeeds, in replacing the date of birth in time and in the season; the same happened in our mountain villages in the past, when children were enrolled on different days compared to the actual date, because maybe there was a lot of snow or the father could not go to the registry office for other reasons.

However, so far, I repeat, I have not found contradictions, and even where a detail seems strange, everything still coincides in the end.

We are inside a perfect direction, we are the creators of this wonderful game, it is enough to observe with new numbers that in reality are only the 3 of the essence, others 3 for the experience and the other 3 for what remains. We are inserted in this great gym which is the earth and the seed of wheat wherever we plant it becomes ear, in fact. This is the reality of life.

On the date there are our four seasons, starting with winter, which corresponds to the moment in which we are sown. From the moment we take this body a period begins that reaches up to the first 40 years of life ; at this stage we do not live for ourselves but for love, that same love that the master Jesus had come to talk to us about.

In the following 9 years we leave our mark, we collect the seeds of this personal production to be entrusted to those who come after and it is not necessarily children, it is not a giving that, in Pythagorean terms, seems confined to the tree, but belongs to a wider human operational dimension. This point is important. Pythagoras made him swear to those who entered the initiatory school: remember who you are .

The "dress" works on the verb to have, but it is in being that there is abundance . Right now we are moving from an age of having to a new phase that is oriented to being; I think of John's verse which indicates that the verb is with God. The verb of reference is precisely being. This transformation is a strong change: from the sanctification of the matter we pass to the valorization of the energy and of the use made of the matter. In other words, we exit judgment and enter the dimension of love.

What can be deduced from the name and surname and what from the date of birth?

In the name and surname is the number that determines the personality . One would say that in the surname there is the "virus", the genetic heritage that we carry with us. In the name there is the "antivirus" that allows us, in the Pythagorean logic, to discover our own wonder and respect what the others convey. Life too can become something close to wonder, for example by going to work on the very concept of the problem, seeing it as our friend, what encourages us to look for something else. The same for the disease, the condition that we put in place when we look at life according to a limited vision and instead of "healing the tree" we end up getting sick of its own illness.

How close is this system to karma and to all the actions that recur cyclically?

See, if you use the word karma, you are already in a certain philosophical and cultural context. The beauty of the number is its universality. The number has an intuitive symbol in it; we can see it as quantity or quality and we refer to this second value.

Onomantic numerology refers to the Pythagorean tradition. but how can we be sure that we have comprehensively incorporated teachings that are so initiatory and distant in time?

This applies to the whole oral tradition . I never thought I'd take care of this. When I came into contact with these teachings I was doing something else.

When I express these teachings I do it trying to remember who I am and this makes us go back directly to Pythagoras: let's remember to look at what's "inside the dress". Even when we're dealing with the dress of others. The body that records all experiences is at stake. In this current age we are dealing with modifying it, "ironing the dress" at all costs, as if we had not accepted and accepted something. Think, Plato chose the students based on the name but also on the signs they carried on the body, in which each sign is eloquent, highly significant.

We are here to implement transformations; the interesting part of life is where we "sweat". Existence must not be faced with suffering. Pythagoras tells you that you have everything you need to face the "sweat" of life. Whoever refuses to enter life also loses his talents; with this sentence we mean that each of us has something specific and that is his love game to be implemented in life.

Does onomantic numerology have anything to do with Jungian psychological types?

I started from the psychological types theorized by Carl Gustav Jung and in this teaching I found something much broader. For example, if someone wants to elaborate something of their experience, the numbers can also reveal if it is interesting to do it with a male or female therapist to better achieve harmony; in fact, communication occurs when there is harmony, otherwise we can talk but there is no real passage.

Saturday 12 January will hold a conference in Assisi and then, the following day, individual readings for those who wish. But could he tell us exactly what it takes to have a reading and learn more about this teaching?

The afternoon of Sunday 13 I will be available for individual readings because there are people whose main interest is to be able to have answers. The situation is different for those who want to include this knowledge in their own and deepen it, in this sense the Saturday seminar will be more useful.

Every time I went to a place I never did the same conference; it happens let me carry you and that's why I really believe that these are moments where we share what we have inside and dust off things we can awaken.

As for the usefulness of teaching, it is a question of looking at things from another angle, triggering an energy saving process . By becoming familiar with the numbers we find the reflection of our attitudes and we can then see how this number completes its transformation. One understands better the game in which one is, one leaves the game of fear to enter into that of love.

We admit I go to someone who promises to change my life by reading the data and bringing it back to a number. We admit that I am in a difficult phase and believe it. And in the meantime, I get very high figures for the alleged expert. How do we recognize someone who wants to give us other perspectives without lightening our wallet and that's it?

Everything works on resonance. If I ask for high figures for an individual reading I will attract those who are willing to pay them.

We must move in the world without fear, continuing to make experiences, but without thinking that we are about becoming, no, we are in being and this being is about the game of love.

The game of sex and money are very powerful, extraordinary energies as there is an exchange in this meeting. In my small way in this exchange everyone can give back how and what he wants. The game of giving and receiving is part of the dress, each of us offers and takes something in return but this exchange is vitiated by the primary occupation that has become cheating and not being cheated. The logic of giving what is left has reduced us to this. The sense of experience is within the being that wants exchange.

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