Alignment Reiki: find and walk my way

What is that

The Reiki Alignment is a holistic technique developed by the Reiki School which is based on Reiki and is complementary to it. It is a treatment for people who feel they have "lost their way" forgetting their purpose in life or not finding the strength to do it.

Why do we need alignment?

Emotions that have marked us, traumas, fears, little listening to ourselves, limiting beliefs, conditioning and external pressures could have caused a departure from our original life project and as a consequence we are no longer aligned with it, we do not flow more smoothly into the current of life making a lot of effort and feeling lost.

Physical re-alignment

The Reiki Alignment is born to help us to find our way and to follow it with a sure step, putting back also the physical (above all vertebral column and musculoskeletal apparatus) so that it returns to be the vehicle in which we move in our path and not a hindrance that holds us back!

Being free from pain and having a vehicle that is healthy and suitable for the road we need to do is obviously a condition that favors progress on one's life path .

Reiki treatment and Reiki alignment: differences

If the Reiki Treatments of first and second level allow us to find again the equilibrium, whatever road we are covering, the Reiki Alignment has the purpose to favor the return on our way and the collaboration on all the planes of the being (body / mind / spirit), bringing us back to listening to the voice of the Heart so that it can be our guide along the right path.

Align not only in body but also mind and spirit

In terms of expected results, receiving the Reiki Alignment is a bit like receiving information again about "how it was supposed to be" (at the level of physical, mind / emotions and road to follow) in order to "re-start" on the right path or follow it, if we are already there, with much greater force.

Our way of living, our behaviors and the decisions we will gradually make will be more effective, our mind safer and more present, our soul happier because we are following "our" path, whatever it is.

Differences between the Reiki Alignment and other alignment techniques

The Reiki Alignment was developed specifically within the School of Reiki and differs from other alignment techniques that are widespread today for:

  • the emphasis placed on returning to one's life project as the main purpose of treatment (the physical benefits, while present and often significant, depend on this objective);
  • the gradualness of the method / cycle that develops in as many as four treatments respecting the times and the resources available to the single person;
  • the presence of Spiritual Reiki to give strength and depth to the process.

Who can experience the Reiki Alignment?

Everyone can benefit from a Reiki Alignment Cycle (this involves 4 treatments, one in presence and 3 at distance), it is not necessary to be a reikist and have attended a Reiki Course.

It is particularly recommended for those who are faced with choices to be made or opportunities to be seized: for example during adolescence, in moments of important changes (mourning, professional transformations, existential crises ....), to those who feel the need to rediscover or pursue one's life project with greater force, as well as, of course, for those suffering from problems and pains in the musculoskeletal system.

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