Yoga positions at the sea

If the beach is not too crowded it is really an enchanting theater for practicing yoga: the softness of the sand, the whisper of the waves, the welcoming sun.

After the heart of the tourist season, we advise you not to miss this unique opportunity of mimesis with nature and to enjoy an ecosystem that, inevitably, in winter we can only admire in a postcard.

Here are some tips for practicing yoga at the seaside these last weeks of summer: in the water, on the shore or on the sand, we can turn the beach into a truly unique yoga center!

Yoga and the sea: a special combination

If you decide to practice yoga at the sea, know that, inevitably, you will have to take into account some curious glances.

This involuntary intrusion can be a small source of distraction, so be prepared to cultivate your capacity for concentration and concentration.

Don't get nervous, but learn to distance yourself from the context: glances are usually transient and you will soon lose all attention.

Having made this necessary premise, here is our proposal.

Sports in summer: training at the sea

Balance positions

It is so rare to be able to dive in the water that we cannot miss this opportunity! Enveloped by this element, the positions of balance that seem to rediscover are particularly pleasant: depending on the height and calm of the waves, in fact, you will experience new sensations, support and interference at the same time .

Play and welcome this new practice by testing its taste. You can concentrate on the breath, on the music of the sea and on the support of the foot (or hands, of the head) on the irregular and soft sand.

So let's go to:

Vrksasana (tree position)

Natarajasana (dancing shiva position)

as well as the positions of balance on the arms (such as the crow's position )

or on the head (unless you have problems going underwater): it could be an opportunity to overcome the fear of falling and gaining security in these difficult asanas.


Always immersed in water, you cannot avoid dedicating yourself to the position of complete relaxation for a few moments. Softly lulled by water, you will experience an unusual sense of abandonment and lightness; the sea around you, the sounds of nature, the warmth of the sun will do nothing but give you an even more intense relaxation session.

A single foresight: avoid sinking into savasana too long because the current could make you move away from your beach or push you too far. Unless you are with someone watching over you, do not extend maintenance time too much.

Sup Yoga

What better time to practice this particular version of yoga? Try the yoga sup, the surfboard yoga !

By now it is starting to spread also in Italy so it is not unlikely that at the seaside resort where you are staying they will organize courses. It would be a good opportunity to liven up the practice in a way that is in contact with nature and challenging from a physical point of view.

Why not?


Yoga is body, but also (and above all) mind. What better way to feed your mind than a simple meditation session or pranayama (breath control) by the sea ?

Sitting cross-legged, eyes closed or half-closed try to become an integral part of the surrounding nature, feeling yourself a component of that Whole. Maybe at sunset, in a secluded beach you could experience a sense of reunion and harmony, of total inner peace.

Perhaps you will also touch the true heart of yoga, however we will give you a few moments of true well-being and profound practice.

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