Anti-cellulite treatments: which are effective?

We have heard of treatments and anti-cellulite remedies far and wide, so much so that we can now make a list from A to Z of everything needed to reduce those pesky centimeters and that fat too much.

We know very well that sports, diet, foods that help fight cellulite and water retention, massages and local applications are a great mix, a combination to follow constantly to give us a light summer, with the bikini test that satisfies us.

But what perhaps is given less weight is the fact that the presence of cellulite in the body, far from being just something aesthetic and annoying to see, is also an indication of a malfunctioning organism .

From a simple blemish to pathology of the circulatory system that must be seriously considered.

Cellulite, imperfection but not only

First of all, you need to determine at what stage your cellulite is : if it is cellulite in the early stages of training, advanced or already well-established cellulite.

For each of these there will be a specific treatment, gradual in intensity, that will go from simple home and economic remedies, to stronger and more effective shock therapies, able to go to dissolve a cellulite already formed for some time.

Do you think that there are about thirty types of cellulite and that almost 25 million Italian women are subject to it! Here for each stage the most suitable remedies :

    1. At the first stage the advice, in addition to following a balanced anti-cellulite diet, doing sports and targeted exercises, not smoking and not overdoing alcohol, is to focus on herbal teas, creams, muds and spa treatments . Anti-cellulite herbal teas, in particular, help the body to drain and eliminate all those toxins that hinder proper blood circulation. The use of creams, gels, anti-cellulite oils and products with external application is made even more effective by a skilful massage or self-massage, to be performed as a good habit after showering, even when leaving the pool, for example. Finally, it must not be forgotten that a good oxygenation of the tissues, which takes place thanks to proper breathing, is another important remedy.
    2. At the second stage (but also at the end of the first, as a preventive treatment) there are those aesthetic treatments that are performed by the hands of a professional, beautician or masseur, a fioterotherapist, but also by mechanical means. Lymphatic drainage, connective tissue, draining, reactivating, circulatory : there are many types of anti-cellulite massages. An expert judgment will advise you on what is best for you. Mechanical treatments are instead endermology for example, which uses a suit and a pulse stimulator (rollers that have an action similar to a positive-negative pump that are made to slide on the lower limbs and on the buttocks) connected to a computer; radiofrequency, which uses electromagnetic waves to activate microcirculation and the lymphatic system; cavitation, which uses ultra sounds; pressotherapy, a machine that, by exerting pressure on the limbs and abdomen through bandages that swell and deflate, deeply stimulates the circulation.
    3. At the third stage (and at the second advanced stage) there are those even deeper medical treatments, to be performed in specialized centers and by experts in the field. These include: electrolipolysis, a treatment that takes place through small needles applied under the skin and stimulate with the electric current; mesotherapy, which always uses small needles but which inject drugs to dissolve cellulite; carboxytherapy, or the use of small needles through which a medical gas (CO2) is administered; the much more invasive liposuction that sucks fat cells through straws to be applied under the skin.

    The latest findings on the subject are: the smooth shape, a treatment that must be performed by a doctor and combines the laser, which melts fat and makes the membrane of fat cells more permeable, and the mechanical massage with a "vaccum" effect, or detachment of the tissues.

    Then there is the thermage, useful as a non-invasive facelift to give compactness to the tissues, performed in the surgical room, through the tips occurs the contraction of the protein fibers of collagen and elastin, resulting in improved microcirculation. Finally, cryolipolysis, a non-invasive treatment whereby the adipose tissue is frozen and destroyed, bringing it to a temperature of about 0 ° for about 30-60 minutes.

    Discover the treatments and advice of ayurveda against cellulite

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