Ecological gift packages

Here is the right gift for that dear friend. After so much effort, the packaging?

Let's see how to package gifts in an original, ecological and sustainable way for the well-being of the Planet, and economic, therefore respecting the times that pass, but at the same time doing something fun and effective?

Here are simple and fast execution ideas from which to take inspiration.

The package with the bag of fruits and vegetables

Have you just bought half a kilo of mandarins from the grocery store under the house? The paper bag that contained them do not throw it away! A cute and fun Christmas pack for storing gifts for your friends, it can be just the classic paper bag of the greengrocer!

Sometimes, on paper, there is already a Christmas motif. But if you want to make your packet packets even more original, you can embellish them with golden flakes and slices of orange or lemon dried the days before, perfuming them with orange essential oil.

The gift comes hidden in a book

So many books and newspapers stacked and ready to dispose of, wait a minute: the pages of the newspapers can be useful sheets for wrapping gifts; or you can put a small gift object inside the pages of an old book that you want to use as a nice "disguise", cutting off the inside with a cutter, the right size to hide the gift.

To finish, strands of wool woven together with a few colored buttons inserted here and there will give a touch of joy to your little intellectual package.

Try making origami gift packages!

Ecological and soft, the packages with the fabrics we have at home

If the shirt or shirt is now to be thrown away, too wide or too narrow, cut a piece of cloth to make wrapping papers for your gifts or even package bows before making a tea towel.

The patchwork style is always appreciated and original, if you are delighted with needle and thread you will make a cloth full of colors. To bake this time you can choose a colored plastic thread, like the one for drying clothes, or old cables that you don't use anymore. More ecological than that!

And to top it off the molds you like most on your packages!

If the wrapping paper you have at home is colorless, you can have fun printing it here and there with funny pictures. It will be enough to take a potato, divide it in two and carve the motif you prefer at the center .

Little stars, little hearts, mini Christmas trees, little angels. After giving the vegetables the desired shape, choose from the colors, tempera or acrylics, the ones you like the most. Here is a nice idea to decorate with a monochrome gift card!

Curiosity : even bows, like gift packages, can be made in an ecological way! Here is a nice blog, "The planet of ideas", which will teach you how to make ecological flakes from recycled paper and magazines.

Here are some ideas for making an ecological and original Christmas tree

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