Blends of essential oils for normal facial skin

The face is our business card: on it we read the biological years and lived experiences, the genetic baggage and the mood. The skin, with its delicate and thin hydrolipidic layer, gives indications on the balance and functioning of the internal organs.

The quality of the food is read on the skin, and the delicate balance between the physical state and the emotional and mental state can be read on the face .

Showing oneself openly, without tricks and mystifications, allows a real encounter with the surrounding world.

The skin of the face, so exposed to atmospheric agents, is also affected by slight variations in climate and physical state.

If it is true that with the passing of the years the skin that deserves, built with all the good and / or bad habits cultivated over the years, shows itself more and more, it is equally true that it is never late, nor too early, for take care of the skin in a natural and effective way.

The essential oils, real phyto-elements concentrates, allow to help the skin in solving problems due to personal constitution, to possible and unbalanced passengers, as well as to prevent imperfections due to the passage of time and to the environmental stress to which the skin is, daily, subjected.

Essential oils for normal skin

Normal skin is the one that appears elastic and well hydrated, with no comedones or capillaries in evidence, without fatter or drier areas. This skin is the result of excellent genes but also of a balanced lifestyle.

Taking care of this type of skin means not hindering normal functioning and supporting what the epidermis and the body already do to perfection.

The essential oils that can be used to maintain a skin in this state of balance are delicate and to be used in moderation.

Mixture of oils for the day for normal skin


> essential oil of blue chamomile : 5 drops

> essential oil of musk rose : 2 drops

> rose essential oil : 10 drops:

    Preparation : combine with the base oil (30 ml of oil which can be almond or hazelnut oil), and apply every day, massaging lightly on damp skin, after normal hydration. Each skin will absorb a different amount of oil, therefore it is important to calibrate the oil to be applied to your personal response, blotting excess oil lightly with cotton or a tissue, until it is dry to the touch.

    Blend of night oils for normal skin


    > fennel essential oil : 5 drops

    > lemon essential oil : 5 drops

    > rose essential oil : 10 drops

    Preparation : this mixture allows the skin to be nourished even during the night . The essential oils are mixed with the base oil and a small amount is massaged onto the skin of the face.

    As for the mixture for the day this too will be absorbed according to the specific needs of your skin, and the excess of oil can be gently removed with a tissue.

    Health also passes through the skin of the face

    A well-hydrated skin, with a luminous complexion and a fine texture without pores, capillaries, spots or pimples in evidence, is what should be defined as " normal " skin. In reality it rarely happens, and for very short periods, to possess a skin with these characteristics.

    It can be said, therefore, that each one has its own standard of "normality", due to many factors: the state of the skin is affected so much by the habits of life (quality of sleep, use of smoke, alcohol or drugs, amount of sport) and by consistency of the musculature (there is a specific gymnastics for the muscles of the face), that from the alimentation and also of the reactions to the experiences that happen and therefore from the emotions .

    Although it is possible to normalize some excesses, too dry skin or too oily skin, it nevertheless returns to a personal level of skin well - being . And from this point you can start to take proper care of your face's skin.

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