Macrobiotic nutrition and the healing power of food

The term macrobiotic means "great life" and this diet is essentially based on the principle of polarity Yin and Yang, therefore the importance of maintaining a correct balance within our organism, without exceeding either one side or the other .

Macrobiotics was born from a Japanese man, named Georges Ohsawa, who after a long period of physical suffering, caused by tuberculosis, by now resigned, made a very important meeting for his life, began studying at a school of thought, founded by a veterinary doctor of the Japanese army, this school inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, made them understand the principle of polarity yin and yang and the importance of food to prevent and treat diseases.

He himself recovered from tuberculosis by performing a balanced diet, to be precise, eating long cooked, very salted brown rice for a long time. In the face of an individual who has ongoing pathologies, macrobiotics help him solve them using the healing power of food.

Below I indicate some foods that in macrobiotics play an important healing role.


Miso is a dark-colored soybean paste, fermented in 6 seasons and is a richly fermented product, it is very ancient the miso has at least 4000 years and was born in China.

According to macrobiotics, the miso consumed before meals promotes digestion and the assimilation of all nutrients, is consumed in the soup, a teaspoon is added at the end of cooking, diluted in the broth and then consumed, the miso is also a excellent seasoning to use in many other recipes.

Therapeutic effects It improves the intestinal bacterial flora, it can replace yogurt, very useful in case of intestinal dysbiosis. It balances the liver. It is an anti-cholesterol and alkalizing food. It is very useful for improving venous circulation in general.


The gomasio is prepared using toasted sesame seeds and sea salt. The preparation is simple, they are washed and then the sesame seeds are toasted over a low heat in a pan, when the sesame grains become powdered between the fingers it is ready and can be put aside.

Then the salt is also toasted, until the grains darken a little. Once the salt has also been toasted, you can proceed to mix everything and crush it with a pestle.

Therapeutic effects Tones up the kidney energy. It is alkalizing and remineralizing


The mochi is prepared using cooked and pounded rice, it can be purchased ready-made in stores that sell natural food, it is eaten when you want it is good for breakfast but also for lunch, it is heated in a pan with the lid for some minutes once inflated and softened it can be sweetened with jam, or eat salted with vegetables or sauces.

Therapeutic effects

Promotes milk production and breastfeeding in general

Tones up the energy of the stomach and spleen

It is useful in case of anemia

And it is very useful in case of tiredness, fatigue and weakness, it is very energetic.


The shitake mushroom is considered a highly curative food, but can be consumed easily by all people, consumed in a vegetable soup, is purifying, stimulates diuresis, is antihypertensive and is very positive in the case of kidney stones, should be consumed in small doses, ¼ of a mushroom per person, for the preparation it is necessary to keep it soaking for three or four hours, after which it is cut into small pieces and cooked together with the vegetables that make up the soup.

It is not indicated for people who normally have low blood pressure or who are particularly cold.

Therapeutic effects Antihypertensive Anti-tumor Useful in kidney stones It brings balance to the kidneys


Algae are the so-called "sea vegetables", they contain many minerals and many micronutrients that are essential to stay in good health, algae purify the blood from any form of poisoning, are contraindicated in case of hyperthyroidism.

Therapeutic effects Hypothyroidism Overweight Remineralization Depurative


Daikon is a kind of giant radish, with a spicy taste, it was born in Japan but it is well cultivated also in Italy, it is very useful to purify and eliminate toxic waste from the body, this root is eaten raw grated maybe over the salad, or cooked or sautéed with other vegetables.

Therapeutic effects Hypertension Water retention Overweight


The umeboshi are a variety of apricots that grow in Japan, in the kitchen they are very versatile they can be used to prepare sauces or condiments for vegetables or salad or they are used to add to the cooking water of cereals. The umeboshi kernel is useful in case of sore throat or pharyngitis, just keep it in the mouth for 3 or 4 hours.

These fruits are very rich in c alcio, iron and phosphorus, always inside the core there are seeds that are edible, can be roasted in the oven then reduced to powder, this powder should be stored in a glass jar tightly closed and in If gastric disorders, diarrhea or intestinal cramps add a spoonful to a cup of bancha tea, this drink will prove to be very effective in resolving these disorders.

Therapeutic effects Intestinal disordersFever, cold, sore throatStanenessDigestive disordersThey are alkaline and eliminate excess mucus


The kuzu is a starch derived from the root of Pueraria Japonica, this is a plant that grows on volcanic soils, it is bought in powder or in pieces, similar to chalks, it is used for the preparation of soups, soups or sweets, it is very curative and is useful for removing the inflammation of the entire digestive tract, it is invigorating for the colon and is excellent in case of diarrhea.

It is prepared by placing a couple of teaspoons of powder in cold water to melt, in the meantime bring a cup of water to a boil where it will then add the solution previously dissolved, mix everything carefully and add a little of cranberry juice if you want to make the soup sweet, you can drink it in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to sleep.

Therapeutic effects Irritable colonIntestinal inflammationDiarreaiStpsi


Tahin is sesame butter, it is remineralizing and very energetic, it is eaten maybe spread on bread with the addition of a little jam instead of the usual butter, or it can be eaten with miso for a salty snack.

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