Psoriasis and nutrition

Psoriasis does not disappear with nutrition, however, through the knowledge of food and its reaction on the body, one learns to understand which foods are good for the skin and which ones make it suffer, setting a dietary pathway that can greatly alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Furthermore, every person suffering from psoriasis has a different reaction to the nutrients introduced into the body: some of them can be highly triggering, others can reduce the onset of the disease.

One patient may be hypersensitive to a substance, another may not feel particular problems if he takes it. The watchword is to listen and observe one's body.

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Psoriasis and nutrition: general guidelines to follow

Studies and research conducted on the interaction between nutrition and psoriasis highlight the importance of following basic guidelines about the behavior to be implemented by patients suffering from the disease.

First of all, alcohol and cigarettes must be completely eliminated, while it is better to introduce so much water every day, at least two liters. It is also important to limit the consumption of meat, specifically that of pork or red, also avoiding sausages.

To eliminate the consumption of fried foods and spices too strong or spicy and salt . No to too many acid foods, such as vinegar, coffee, chocolate. To monitor the consumption of aged cheeses, milk and eggs. Yes instead to fresh cheeses.

Green light for fruit and vegetables, but with exceptions to keep in mind: no to aubergines, peppers, raw tomatoes, artichokes, vegetables rich in starch like potatoes; among the fruit avoid the raw apples (they could even be a trigger food, together with the indicted wheat, shellfish, meat, eggs, coffee), berries, melon, watermelon, citrus fruits, caco.

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Psoriasis and nutrition: green light for these foods

Nutrition for psoriasis includes the regular intake of foods such as: tarassaco, fibers (bread, rice and whole wheat pasta), soya, chicory, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, beets, radicchio. Among the fruit prefer the cooked apple.

Other foods include yogurt, rich in probiotic bacteria.

Curiosity : always check your body weight, because a moderate diet prevents psoriasis !

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