Marathon preparation

Preparation for the marathon: training

Participating in a marathon and, why not, ending it is considered a huge effort . At least from ordinary mortals. But this is not the opinion of coaches and athletic trainers, who are united in claiming that anyone can successfully participate in a marathon, as long as it is in a physical and mental condition to undergo marathon preparation.

Let's not go too light, though ... The marathon involves a weary physical effort, so much so that the American Journal of Cardiology emphasizes the risk of myocardial infarction that doubles for a marathon runner.

For those who love running, the marathon is the race of the races, the symbol of running in sport and culture. Marathon training can last several months, depending on the level of preparation of the athlete, more or less experienced. Who is less experienced, trains on a distance of 35 kilometers at most, traveled at once, or runs for 65 kilometers a week. The more experienced runners run for distances far superior.

The distance to be covered must increase with days, until suspending the activity a few days before the race. If you feel pain, you need to give the body time to rest properly.

We treat the specific training methods in another article.

What to do before and after the race

Marathon preparation includes, in addition to training, a set of rules. The intake of carbohydrates is increased to allow the body to set aside more glycogen . This assumption should be carried out regularly during the week preceding the race, as an excessive dose of carbohydrates could cause an insulin reaction in the athlete such as to transform the glycocene into fat. We are in good shape, therefore, and the races are close. What to do?

One should refrain from taking solid food in order to avoid digestive complications. It is very important to be hydrated and to evacuate before leaving. It's true, there are also bathrooms along the tracks, but you'd risk, how to say, queuing up.

Remember to stretch and keep your muscles warm. Use already tested clothing and never put on shoes or clothing for the first time. To avoid redness on the groin and nipples, use Vaseline.

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