Do you know that celery helps you contain cholesterol?

Celery, like all foods rich in fiber and low in calories, is indicated in the diet to control cholesterol.

Naturally, it must be included in an adequate regime, because, as we often say, no food is miraculous .

What are the characteristics that make celery a product indicated for the control of cholesterol ?

Celery and cholesterol, the role of phthalide

Celery contains phthalide, a substance that, based on various research and recent studies, is effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels and even blood pressure values, another cardiovascular risk factor.

Celery and cholesterol, the dietary fiber

Celery is rich in fiber. All fiber-rich foods are useful for keeping bad cholesterol levels in your blood under control.

Furthermore, celery has other useful features for this purpose: it has few calories and has almost no fat content .

100 g of celery contains 1.6 grams of dietary fiber, equal to 6% of the recommended daily consumption.

The same amount of celery provides less than 20 calories, less than a gram of fat and zero cholesterol.

Celery contains sodium

Celery is quite rich in sodium . 100 grams of celery contain about 80 milligrams, equal to about 3% of our daily requirement.

Apparently, therefore, it should be a food to be consumed in moderation, especially in people suffering from high blood pressure.

Certainly, as with all foods, exaggeration is never advisable . In any case, the level of sodium contained in 100 grams of celery is below the threshold considered to be potentially harmful.

Furthermore, this sodium content can even be an advantage ; in fact, it gives a certain flavor to celery, and therefore, when this vegetable is used to flavor dishes, the amount of salt added can be reduced.

Other benefits of celery

Celery is an ally for health because, in addition to promoting the control of cholesterol and blood pressure, it has numerous other qualities, including:

> As it consists mainly of water, it is purifying and diuretic .

> Contains an antioxidant, lutein, valuable for the brain.

> It is rich in minerals and contains a good proportion of vitamins .

> It is very digestible and promotes the well-being of the stomach and intestines.

> It is useful in diets that aim to reduce and / or control body weight thanks to its high satiety index and aroma, which can give flavor to many dishes without significantly increasing calories .

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