Panic attacks: word to naturopathy

More and more people in Italy today suffer from panic attacks, when they have to face particular situations, such as the car, the plane, crowded places, isolated places, they literally go on tilt, finding themselves frightened, without an objective reason, if not fear of the crisis. Let's see how to deal with them.

In other words, people are afraid of going crazy or having a heart attack . It is a very distressing feeling and a source of great torment for those who suffer from it. The risk in these cases is to live confined to the home, more and more limited in their activity, but also at the mercy of a pill, kept close and assumed repeatedly in case of need.

The exclusive use of doctors, tablets and drops is certainly simpler (and always advisable) and indispensable in emergencies or in particular situations, but it does not serve to eliminate the deeper reasons behind these symptoms. Of course it is not easy to accept to have a problem of a psychological nature, because often psychological problem sounds like "crazy", despite being something different.

These panic attacks are caused by an accumulation of vital energy which, when it cannot flow, accumulates until it explodes. The trapped energy is what the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung called libido, understood as global psychophysical energy, linked to the deep nuclei of our being.

There are studies that have shown that hypoglycaemia can cause panic attacks. In the event of a sudden drop in blood sugar, in fact, the adrenal glands produce adrenaline to raise the level of sugar in the blood. But adrenaline is also the hormone of fear, which is why its sudden increase can trigger a panic attack.

From these observations, interesting advice on the food plan is deduced, that is to undertake a diet that ensures a constant blood sugar level over time:

- The consumption of whole grains, thanks to the presence of fiber, ensures the maintenance of a balanced glycemic level over time.

- Blackcurrant juice, rich in vitamin C that normalizes adrenal functions.

- A good supply of magnesium that strengthens the nervous system is found in oil seeds, green leafy vegetables, almonds, in soy, in fish, in apricots, in figs.

Therefore it is possible, through simple daily food choices, to take the enemy away, which can be tackled by combining natural remedies and relaxation techniques .

What are the specific flowers for panic?

Rock Rose is the flower of visceral, deep fear, the true terror that blocks and prevents reacting.

Star of Bethlehem is a wonderful flower that is used in case of trauma, when the shock leaves a deep wound in the person, like a scar that prevents energy circulation. The great quality of Star of Bethlehem is to allow the flow of energy and to console the person, like a friend who lovingly takes us by the hand and supports us.

The third flower is Cherry Plum, the flower of those who are afraid of losing control, very important because this is one of the most devastating symptoms. During the panic attack the physical symptoms and emotional sensations are "overflowing", and nothing returns to normal, every symptom is beyond measure, whether it is dizziness, palpitations, sweats, however it escapes individual control.

And finally, the Rescue Remedy (emergency remedy), with its SOS function, is very useful to bring back immediately to balance that series of symptoms that, chain, are unleashed one after another during the panic attack. In this case it is useful to take 12 drops in half a liter of natural water to sip or 4 drops under the tongue also every ten minutes until the panic crisis disappears.

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