Essential oils for breast care

Breast care: a gesture of love for oneself

The breast is a very important part for the woman, and not only from an aesthetic point of view. The volume and the skin of the breast are subject to monthly changes, due to the hormonal cycle. In addition, the breast can change its shape and size depending on age, diet, physical activity and weight changes.

Taking care of the skin of the breast, as well as the muscles that support it, is as important as taking care of the skin on the neck, and not just because the breast is an aesthetic accessory to show or that gives more or less grace to the figure, or satisfies the image one has of oneself.

The breast should be treated with delicacy, symbolizing femininity, care, nourishment, softness and welcoming character. Few women claim to be satisfied with their breasts.

Yet it is necessary, to love oneself more, to add well-being and health to one's life, to cure the breast.

Using essential oils to moisturize the skin of the breast, to tone it, or to soothe abscesses in the event of breastfeeding, also means monitoring the condition of one's health.

Essential oils for breast care

Usually we expose the breast skin only, and most often only partially, during the hot season. And, on that occasion, we notice the changes our body has undergone during the time spent.

There are completely natural expedients for firming and toning the breast, and include the use of cold sponging or ice .

Beyond these practices, which can be annoying, there is the possibility of taking care of the breast without "suffering" too much, creating a pleasant and undemanding beauty ritual.

It is easy to use essential oils for breast beauty care . Just choose 30 ml of a base oil depending on your skin type, and dilute the following essential oils:

> 5 drops of carrot essential oil: carrot essential oil has toning and moisturizing properties. It is a natural repairer of damaged skin, useful in case of dry or prematurely aged skin . It has remarkable cosmetic properties for skin care, but it must be avoided during periods when the treated skin is exposed to the sun;

> 5 drops of geranium essential oil: the essential oil of geranium is the oil most used in preparations for female problems : from endometriosis to menopause, to menstrual disorders. Acts deeply on emotions, and calms pain. From the physical point of view the essential oil of geranium acts against stretch marks, lymphatic congestion and superficial and deep blood circulation . Used on the skin of the breast it can lighten pains and tensions due to hormonal cycles, moisturize the skin and make it more elastic, decrease swelling and water retention;

> 5 drops of essential oil of clary sage : also the essential oil of clary sage is useful against female discomforts: frigidity, premenstrual syndrome, disorders of the cycle, genital infections. Applied on the breast with a wide massage that also affects the armpits, it allows to balance the transpiration naturally without clogging the pores, and reduces fluid retention;

> 3 drops of essential lemon oil: the essential oil of lemon is an excellent ally of the skin . It is used as a natural remedy to combat wrinkles and relieve the signs of aging and, in general, against skin aging. Applied in the mixture with a massage on the skin of the breast, it gives elasticity to the skin, deeply nourishing it, and firms the underlying tissues.

The mixture is used after a shower or after a bath. Gently massage the whole breast, starting from under the calvoles, including the skin between the breasts, particularly subject to wrinkles and stretch marks, and that of the armpits. Apply a little oil and massage until completely absorbed.

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