Natural products for weight loss

In the market there are different types of natural products to lose weight, in the form of capsules, tablets, mother teas and herbal teas, which are effective when gluttony and eating disorders have burdened our body, helping us to eliminate excess pounds, naturally . They can be extracts of single plants or synergistic compounds, which act on several fronts.

Natural products for weight loss: the draining

To begin with, one of the first things to do when starting a diet is to support the body in its detoxification process. In this initial phase, it is indeed recommended to purify with draining phytotherapeutic products, which help to eliminate liquids and metabolic waste, through diuresis.

- Birch: pure sap or its bud-derived are used when water retention and weight gain are caused by pharmacological treatments, cortisone or hormonal therapies, hyperuricemia and hypercholesterolemia. More generally, it is advisable for everyone to maintain or return to form and to favor the elimination of waste and excess liquids.

- Pilosella: in herbal tea, in capsules or tablets, or in mother tincture it is mainly a powerful diuretic, which doubles the volume of urine, and therefore in herbal medicine is used in the treatment of cellulite, swollen ankles, edema of the lower limbs, water retention, associated with weight gain due to eating disorders or drug therapies.

Natural products for weight loss: depuratives

Natural purifying products contain plants that act on the liver, helping the body to deflate and accelerating the detoxification process from metabolic waste and food or environmental toxins . In fact, when the body gets rid of these substances it reacts faster to all the treatments aimed at weight loss.

Dandelion, artichoke, milk thistle, to name a few, are herbs that can help the excretory organs, in the process of purification from toxic substances; to improve digestive and intestinal functions; and to support the kidneys in their filtering work.

Natural products for weight loss: fat burners

Natural fat-burning products are plants capable of activating thermogenesis, a particular metabolic process, which stimulates the body in the production of heat, using the reserves of adipose tissue .

  • Citrus aurantium : the phytocomplex contained in the rind of the unripe and dried fruit of bitter orange is able to significantly reduce the fat deposited, because it contains a rare composition of sympathomimetic amines, which confer the selective thermogenetic action on beta-3 adrenergic receptors, mainly present in adipose tissue and in the liver, and responsible for the demolition of fats (lipolysis).
  • Garcinia: the peel of the fruit has been used for centuries by Asian populations, who considered it the best natural fat burner, due to its ability to inhibit the absorption and accumulation of adipose tissue . Furthermore, the body, having at its disposal a large amount of energy deriving from the complete demolition of fats, does not feel the need to ingest other food and thus helping to reduce the sense of hunger .

You can learn more about fat-burning foods

Natural products for weight loss: metabolism stimulants

Some natural products that can activate metabolis or mo affect the thyroid, the endocrine gland that regulates its functioning. Algae and fucus in particular are a great natural source of iodine . This mineral salt is an essential nutrient for the thyroid gland, as its healthy functioning is essential to prevent overweight. When the metabolism slows down, the body burns fewer calories, storing them, rather than using them, and this causes an accumulation of fat, water retention resulting in weight gain and cellulite.

While guarana (seeds); matè (leaves), ginseng; eleutherococcus; cola (walnuts); green tea in the plant for herbal tea or dry extract in capsules or tablets, exercise a slimming action, mainly due to caffeine or similar substances, with a stimulating effect on the metabolism, as they reduce the absorption of sugars and fats, because they favor the their elimination by enzymatic activity .

Natural products for weight loss: anti-hunger

Glucomannan, guar gum, karaya rubber, agar agar, are natural products that contain non-assimilable fibers and mucilages, able to swell in contact with water and increase in volume, giving these remedies a mechanical sating action. gastric level.

They also reduce the intestinal absorption of fats and sugars, interfering with their assimilation process. On the market they are often found in capsules together with other natural products to lose weight in order to make the mixture as complete as possible.

Herbs burn fat, a help to get back in shape

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