Soul pulling

What makes the difference between one person and another is his physical mold and his soul mold. The soul has pure, sweet and refined qualities combined with enormous power, it is contained within the body, and affects its being and its existence.

You can easily look at someone and guess without any doubt if it is full of life force and vitality: it is active, it has bright eyes, it looks to the future, its smile is shining and it is fully present, while in a person without life force we see that his soul has no energy or is completely blocked, tired, bent, his eyes are in constant motion, looking. Inside every human being there is a soul, full of joy, vitality, lightness and the role of every human being, among others, is allowing himself and his soul to flourish, celebrate life, fly, feel good in his physical body, in his bones in his skin, flesh and blood mostly made of liquid molecules. But why then do we sometimes feel full of energy, as if we were a car traveling with an empty tank?

What makes the difference?

The amount of soul that is contained in the body and its life force.

We can imagine the soul as a feather, a group of feathers and, sometimes, an entire wing. When it is at maximum energy, in its state of realization, it has air and space to move, there is nothing stronger than it and it can lead us upwards.

The measure of the strength and vigor of this feather influences our ability to stay in the presence of Being Here and Now, with joy, positivity, light, to realize significant parts of our infinite potential as living beings and much more ... How does this difference relate? Here, in the relatively solid physical body and within the density of life our soul is subtle, delicate and we must preserve it.

We can imagine this situation (the soul inside the body) as a feather pillow. Every time we live the death of a loved one, the breakup of a relationship, or any change we wanted to avoid or we were not prepared and ready to face, our soul "flies", but in these cases it does not mean to grow and elevate your vibration, but it is a brief and rapid process of protection in which parts of the soul are released from the body to relieve shock and trauma, so we separate and let go of parts of our soul.

Since this phenomenon occurs during a change or trauma accompanied by shock, great sadness, panic or other similar feelings, we tend to move forward in our lives when some of those liberated parts of the soul remain attached to what happened, (out of the pillow) and we can forget the fullness of what we are. When these parts are missing, our energy level is less than optimal and without them we are not complete. So we begin not to be present in the body and in life. On an unconscious level, we are looking for those parts of our wholeness that we have given or left behind. This situation leads us to self-connection journeys to restore the life force within ourselves.


In different cultures around the world, the elderly and shamans have developed an energetic journey to collect those lost parts of the soul. This journey restores and supports the inner journey we are making. This process is known as "soul particle collection", "soul retrieval" or "attracting the soul", and its name indicates the energetic action that occurs. Until now, in my life I have known about 5 different types of these energy trips, coming from different traditions. In every culture, soul retrieval is done differently. In some cultures the shaman is the one who makes this journey: the elder of the tribe travels between the parallel universes and different dimensions, moving energetically until the time when the separation took place and reinserting the pieces of the soul that were dispersed in the universe . In other traditions the person undertakes this journey and the role of the shaman is to accompany him, to open the doors and the road to other worlds to have access to the parts of his soul that have been abandoned, the shaman also remains as one more for connect the person to this world, so that he can return safely and simply and reactivate the parts of the soul he has collected on his journey. This journey is a very strong experience, there are some people who have a conscious mind and are able to translate the experience into specific descriptions, others are able to connect to feelings and emotions and others that during the process do not they hear nothing. However this is a time of rebirth. This new part of soul that is connecting with the existing one can surprise (or not) with new sensations, desires and the need to treat them with compassion and generosity, it is like a newborn child. The process itself can last a minimum of an hour up to several hours and then the new energy is assimilated into one's energy field and into our life. After the integration process (which can last several hours up to several days) the feeling of fullness and presence increases. After going through this process, many people reported a feeling of stability, as well as profound positive changes. Many have felt their strength grow, and have found it easier to be what they are. Collecting the parts of the soul allows us to re-connect to who we really are and to walk fully on our path. It allows our soul and ourselves to elevate ourselves!

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