The opening of the VII chakra: reawakening the connection with universal energy

The seventh chakra or Sahasrara connects us with the universal energy: from it is channeled Light of knowledge and awareness of one's being, of serenity and perception of Unity in the Whole.

The expansion of consciousness and the understanding of reality that derive from the opening of the seventh chakra take place through a path of connection with oneself and with the force that flows through the channels of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

The Sahasrara chakra in fact includes all the questions related to Enlightenment, or to the harmony between the individual rhythm and that of the Universe, a state of compassion in which the suffering of separation from all things is canceled.

Through the awakening of one's enlightened part, the human being experiences the effects of the expression of the innate potential of life: Renewal (creative healing capacity), Perfection (dynamic balance or completeness in its totality) and Opening (influence on the environment) .

How to open the seventh chakra?

Working towards the opening of the seventh chakra means developing it and rebalancing it . There are no simple or immediate solutions, we start from a deep choice and from an effort and a continuous exercise of self - improvement and self-realization .

You can start making contact with your own spirituality in many ways, for example with a meditation enhanced by a rock crystal or other stones for the seventh chakra, which you can hold in your hand or arrange in a circle around the body, with the spikes facing the center.

We can recite a mantra or help us with creative visualization. Remember to drain and rinse the stones under cold water after use.

Meditation means observation and inner listening : the observation within ourselves starts through the breath. There are some effective exercises of Eastern tradition, such as those prescribed by Kundalini yoga, focusing on postures, breathing and flexibility of the spine.

Even Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy, talks about the development of chakras in the book How to know the superior worlds (1909), providing a series of daily practices that require a considerable time of application.

Here are the asanas to stimulate the seventh chakra

Director's advice: things to avoid

Some actions to avoid are almost temptations to resist, attitudes that deviate from the path to the opening of the seventh chakra. Let's see some of them to be careful about:

- Expect miracles

- Relying on unskilled hands and without professional ethics

- Claim to become what you are not

- Being impatient

- Do not follow your intuition

- Be afraid of change

Are you curious about the names and characteristics of all the chakras? Discover them here!

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