Women and sisterhood circles

From Switzerland, Anna Lodigiani has moved into the world to then head to Sicily, the other extreme head, with Donna Luna 's sisterhood circles, which will extend into other Italian cities in the future.

Anna has red hair and strong hands, her body is also strong and a certain decision in her eyes, which you don't expect when it opens up to sweetness. On the subject of racing with wolves, to paraphrase the Clarissa Pinkola Estes , you can see her running with a cub near her. And to play the drum and get busy with the plants.

I have always feared a bit women who need to be trained to the point and only recently am I looking closely and without judgment at the forms in which a beautiful gift is manifested which is determination .

So, slowly, I approached Anna, as is done between wolves, and it turned out a nice dialogue. Which we present again, because it affects both the feminine and the masculine . And it is precisely this era of alleged crisis that we are experiencing.

What is sisterhood and why have you worked through sisterhood circles for years?

So it is something that is still difficult to understand because we have been beautiful "massacred"; because of ancient legacies it is difficult to hear a woman as a sister . And yet it is precisely this. It means to bring healing into the relationship of the feminine ; there is much talk of brotherhood, and we women too end up seeing the world with male eyes.

That is why the need to clean and try to take away beliefs, to go back to taking all our gifts, powers and virtues. In one sentence it would be: "I recognize myself in you, that you are my sister, you are in my image and I am in my turn."

We need to remove this idea of ​​male aggression, review the attitudes that lead us to stand against each other; the feminine is never at war because it is always constructive, although we have been raised in a masculine way.

How to define female beauty?

What do you mean by recognition?

First of all it is about re-knowing (still knowing!) My feminine side in me. Re-discover all the potential of the female world and then manifest it. One of the fundamental tools is the body ! Learn to overcome addictions and fears. Then I can recognize you as my sister. Here, the sisterhood in this sense. When in the circle one of us expresses an echo in each one; helping a woman to heal, heal. I can recognize the feminine within me so that I can recognize it in you.

This means being sisters not only in a virtual way. And this automatically breaks down many internal and external barriers . The circle gives the possibility to meet and support women.

Do women open easily in these circles? Don't you feel fear from time to time?

Yes, there is fear. See ... when we get involved and enter into transformation we are in the dimension of doing . For centuries the woman was submissive, raped, abused.

The sisterhood has so far been torn by a synthesizable attitude in: I don't trust you because in the first analysis I was hurt, I was a property, even soulless (of my feminine).

In the sisterhood each of us begins to heal as in the healing energy circle, there is a union and then we can participate, balance, bring healing into our lives, into the lives of others on the planet, but first there must be a connection . Think of me and you now on the phone, we are connected, this interview will be the daughter of both and is being created in the awareness of doing.

Does fear generate ...?

Fear generates all other fears . The difficulty in opening up depends on the fact that we are all wounded girls . At the beginning of my work I always create a pact which is a verbal contract proper: what happens in the circle, remains in the circle. It is a fundamental clause that serves to honor the respect and presence of each of us. This finally allows you to let go and be welcomed, listened to, pampered, supported.

Tell us more about the injured child. Can it heal? And in what ways is it expressed and manifested?

Little by little, that little girl is healed that was not understood, but mocked, abandoned. Let's take two examples related to the various types of child's wounds.

In the circle there may be women who, for example, very often do not know which way to go, they remain blocked by the typical attitude of the eternal girl . This derives from an unhealthy relationship with the father, who dominated this presence to the point of not allowing his daughter to grow; a sort of unconscious castration whereby the woman remains attached to the paternal and / or in turn seeks a companion or a companion who tells her what to do. It is always castration.

Or, in the second case, in a circle there may be the presence of a woman who responds to the typology of the armored woman, the warrior who embodies the worst of the masculine, who goes around wounding for fear of being wounded in turn.

It heals, yes . And healing means growing . The resistance that I see most often is that of the woman who "does not" want, does not know how to become adult, large, does not make the transition but rather unconsciously leaves the field to the wounded child who boycotts, is angry, does not speak, makes trouble, for protection puts on masks and then gets trapped.

What does it mean for a woman to create, from doing with her hands to giving birth?

The hands in any case we are dealing with the hands, which are direct extension of the heart and incredible instruments ; with hands I can destroy, with my hands I can create. I can prepare a coffee full of love or a poisoned drink, to say.

Creating is feminine, the ability to give, to look after not only children, to advise, to laugh, to rejoice . In my work I always try to bring women to understanding (also using Hamer's New Germanic Medicine) of how we function on a physical and emotional level. Take the case of a breast cancer: that tumor there wants to tell me things, it's not external to me.

Being a woman does not always determine to be female! The female is female if her hormones are in balance (because she has hormones), her perception is based on a connection that goes from the belly to the head and if we are in balance she passes from the belly to strength and luckily.

Everything we do becomes creation . Man also has a feminine, as a woman has the masculine, we are the children of the same source but with different ways of manifesting it and the art of creating is purely feminine energy.

Does doing is also making one's day a creative work?

Surely, everything depends on us! It is the pleasure of experimenting, making a basket or a painting, trying something new. Give yourself the right to relate to this creative act. Doing is getting up in the morning, taking a shower, going by car, preparing lunch; what makes the difference is how to bring awareness. How do I approach these actions? How do you accomplish them?

It's about bringing this change into everyday things: you and I are now creating an article and this dialogue will make a difference, if we stay in the creative.

"Excuse me I was tense, I had the cycle", recurring phrases like this castrate us?

Like all things that are repeated, even these ways of saying entered the common language have their wisdom. It is very important to know or learn that the woman is changeable, is cyclical and is biologically natural, so she has phases that are different and also the way of life changes. Recognize these changes and support and honor them.

The most important thing is to understand what lies behind this thought, to understand that when a woman is in the phase of menstruation she is in a different phase than when she is not having it: she is much more sensitive on a biological, physical and mental level.

How could the days of the menstrual cycle be best experienced?

Menstruation is a phase in which we are much more open, so anything we are told enters more easily. If you listen well in those two or three days you need to slow down, to stay calm, maybe you feel more like cuddles, serenity, intimacy. If it depended on me it should be a right, a national right of two days of observation and rest because in fact when a woman honors her cycle, she is honoring greater rhythms, she is "menstruating for everyone."

Let's go back to the idea of ​​recognizing oneself. As I said before we are "lunatic" we have our cycles learn to understand how they manifest themselves and to use them at best both physically, emotionally and mentally it retunes us and especially does us good.

Before the cycle, even on a physical and mental level, we are different, we are tied to the moon, we are really moody (in the full sense of the term) and we should be honored, it should become a virtue, like the moon that changes, even we have our cycles, believe that the woman must always be the same is a real violence.

With the moon sideways: female cycle and psychological disorders

When and where did you fix the next circle?

The next meeting is March 22 in Palermo, I chose Sicily. I have been doing these meetings for over 17 years, partly in Switzerland, partly in northern Italy; I taught the last of my children, Surya, and I put so much energy into this experience that it taught me and inspired many things; now it is a new beginning, another extreme, Sicily and of course the work I will also take around Italy.

The meetings that lead women touch 4 phases: The Little Girl-Warrior, La Madre, La Maga and the Witch. A woman to be able to become a warrior (and here I mean a Warrior of Peace) must first heal the child. Only then can I learn to define limits and goals, heal the wounds we had with our father. Once we have better incorporated our masculine we work with the mother, even in an extended sense, as Mother Earth, what can I do for the earth, do we work from the heart.

Then the phase of the waning moon, the purification for which we approach the figure of the sorceress who is the one who sees, the seductress and in fact we analyze all the problems that have to do with sensuality, sexuality, as I live it, if I exasperate it, if I hide it. Then to the maximum degree of purification, with the new moon you go into the aspects of the shaman witch, which is also linked to the "death" of things, people, etc. .. If a woman manages to make this circle she also gains a wisdom, an understanding, every month is a cycle, which is a death, which is a rebirth, menstruation is part of it and a barometer which is why I feel I can say that it is not something frustrating, indeed, "we reverse the potato": it is a privilege to all effects.

How do you deal with the disease in these circles and in the logic of these phases?

In Donna Luna's cycle I insert everything that can help understanding the disease ; for example with the warrior we go to deepen the appearance of the breast and related pathologies, while when we are on the mother all that concerns ovaries and uterus.

Can you explain how the circle works the closer?

In the circle nobody commands . We are seated, we are all participants. There is no pyramid. The woman does not need competition, it is an approach that just is not part of her biology, it has nothing to do with psychology. Biologically we are made differently. The competition is masculine and is neither right nor wrong, but it is time to feel honored by our diversity, and take back the female world and manifest it in order to bring healing to the Planet .

Less competition, return to exchange: they look like the pieces of a future that the crisis is bringing ...

Think of it this way: each has some arts and it is nice to make them available, as it was in the past: those who made bread, who stocked and shared, honored the barter.

This crisis in reality for me is the return of the Feminine, it obliges us not to meet each other in ways that now correspond to old models. This crisis rounds everything up and puts everything horizontally, no longer vertically.

It is also very important that women take up their spaces with the "nest", respect their own time and that of their children, invest in the future to be able to change it, do not confuse emancipation with the abandonment of basic needs !

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