The outstretched hands of chiropractors in Italy

The professionals who adhere to the AIC - Italian Chiropractors Association, have a specific goal: to put their patients in good hands. This is the manifesto of intent declared to the association's website. Let's find out together which categories of people can benefit from chiropractic and what is the situation in Italy of this discipline and, specifically, that of those determined to become future chiropractors.

Whose chiropractors strive

From the chiropractor you can go at any age and with purposes and disorders to be treated that can be multiple. Many categories of people benefit from chiropractic: athletes improve muscle function, but they also benefit patients suffering from asthma, anxiety, depression, dental malocclusion, pain in the neck, back pain, dizziness, chronic otitis, amenorrhea and menstrual pain .

The elderly, then, through chiropractic, are able to maintain greater joint mobility, avoiding anti-inflammatories and consequent undesirable effects. In cases of severe osteoporosis, the experienced chiropractor will treat the patient with greater caution.

Description, benefits and contraindications of chiropractic

Chiropractors in Italy

The WHO, the World Health Organization, has set the guidelines on chiropractor training and, even in Italy, the most prestigious medical faculties have organized joint conferences of doctors and chiropractors to improve collaboration for the benefit of patients.

Currently the future doctors of chiropractic are "brains on the run", since they can only be trained at foreign universities (17 Americans, 2 Canadians, 2 Australians, 3 English, 1 Japanese, 1 Danish, 1 French, 1 Swedish, 1 new Zeeland) recognized by the CCE (The Council on Chiropractic Education) to then carry out an internship in specialized clinics. The degree course in chiropractic has an average duration of 5 years and the hours of theory and clinical practice are about 5000.

On the net, an inexhaustible source of news and information on chiropractic is the site of the Aic, Italian Chiropractors Association. A portal with an elegant and effective aesthetic where you will find the map of the studios opened in Italy, useful info for those who want to train in the method and carry out internships in specialized clicniche, as well as many reports of sites of interest, such as the portal of the World Federation of Chiropractic and the website of the International Chiropractors Association.

Who is and what does the chiropractor do?

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