How to cure gout

Gout manifests itself with inflammatory symptoms affecting the joints; it is in fact due to alterations in the metabolism of purines.

Purine is a chemical compound naturally present in the body, which constitutes DNA and serves for the normal life cycle of cells.

When purine is not metabilized, it accumulates in the blood and forms urate crystals, especially near the joints .

The causes are genetic and alimentary : when renal function fails to dispose of the quantity of nitrogenous waste produced by the metabolism of food (especially of animal origin), the salts of urate and uric acids stay in the body depositing themselves in the form of crystals in the joints.

How to cure gout, starting from the causes

Gout suddenly appears without any alarm bell. Despite this it is the result of behaviors and imbalances that have persisted over time.

The main causes, with the exception of those due to impaired renal function, are attributable to an unhealthy lifestyle: overweight, a diet too full of proteins and fats of animal origin, insufficient water supply, lack of adequate constant physical activity and not intense, excessive consumption of sugars, salts and packaged foods, are all behaviors that, over time, overload the organism by causing the waste disposal system to go haywire.

The purines are necessary for the synthesis of cells and DNA, but if in quantities greater than necessary they become hardly disposable waste. They are thus deposited in the spaces between a limb and the other, especially those that naturally tend to have less synovial fluid and an inflexible use.

The first and main way to cure gout is therefore to prevent it, paying attention to the quality and quantity of nutrients .

It is also necessary to hydrate the body, to allow the kidneys to dispose of the nitrogenous waste through the urine, without exaggerating : too much water overloads kidney work without bringing benefits, and contributes to the loss of important mineral salts for the body. It is therefore important to drink enough, but do not overdo it. The quantity is subjective and varies from organism to organism.

However, when gout manifests itself with its own acute symptoms, little can be done, if not to ease the pain and wait for it to pass, helping the body's natural self-healing process.

It will therefore be necessary to reduce joint inflammation with clay packs and essential oils (lavender, thyme, pine, basil). It is also useful to consume centrifuged and fresh fruit and vegetable extracts (apples, pears, carrots, celery, parsley, fennel): they have the dual function of eliminating the acids and making important micronutrients capable of counteracting inflammation and recovery of vitamins and mineral salts.

In the final phase of gout you can continue with massages based on essential oils, and you can add an exercise that allows you to regain joint flexibility.

According to analogue medicine, gout is on the one hand associated with the excess of acidity resulting from a carnivorous and therefore analogically aggressive feeding; on the other hand, gout, due to the consequences on the joints, is associated analogously with a probelmatic linked to flexibility and the relationship with one's peers (the joints are the physical "place" in which bones relate to each other).

How to recognize gout

The symptoms of gout are various : it appears as a sudden and persistent pain in the joints .

The most affected are those of the big toe, ankles, knees, heels, fingers, wrists and elbows .

It manifests itself with reddened and stretched skin, warm to the touch and congested with sight . The pain can be such as to prevent movement and in some cases cause fever and alteration of body temperature.

The gout diet

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