All the benefits of quinoa

Quinoa: what is it?

The varieties of this pseudo cereal with many benefits are numerous, but the most widespread and used is the quinoa Real : it contains a low percentage of saponins and is light in color. Saponins are a substance that covers the beans to prevent aggression by parasites, in the human body they inhibit the absorption of calcium, as well as giving a bitter taste to the food. But it is easy to eliminate them: it is enough to rinse the beans well before consuming them.

Quinoa grows well at altitudes above 1800 meters above sea level: the Andean countries have been using quinoa for a very long time, and they are the main producers.

All the benefits of quinoa

Unlike cereals, quinoa does not contain gluten, and has very specific nutritional properties . The high biological value of its nutrients makes quinoa a very precious food . The benefits of quinoa are many:

> is gluten free : this makes quinoa suitable for those suffering from celiac disease, or those who are intolerant to gluten;

> for the same weight quinoa is among the grains (cereals or pseudo-cereals) with the highest content of vegetable proteins : quinoa proteins are bio-available thanks to the presence of the major essential amino acids, those necessary for the human body but available only through the power supply.

Especially lysine, methionine and tryptophan, often lacking, if not entirely absent, in other foods of vegetable origin: this makes quinoa a very precious food for vegans and vegetarians ;

> the fiber content of quinoa has many health benefits: on the one hand it increases the sense of satiety, while on the other hand it helps the regular peristalsis and intestinal health .

It is useful in cases of disorders such as dysentery or constipation. Remember to take a lot of water when introducing foods rich in fiber, since the water allows the fibers to swell and act as a sweeper of the intestine, without irritating the walls and avoiding worse constipation;

> the low glycemic index helps to decrease the level of glucose in the blood, and therefore prevents and protects from the onset of diabetes. Another positive aspect of a low GI, associated with the high number of fibers, is to contain hunger attacks and increase the satiating power of the recipes and meals in which quinoa is present;

> the minerals are in fair quantities: magnesium, useful for energy production, for the health of the nervous system and particularly lacking in states of stress, potassium, iron and zinc make quinoa a useful food also for athletes and, in particular, for women;

> enhances good mood: magnesium and lysine make it possible to modulate the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for good humor;

> contains good quantities of linoleic acid, able to counteract and prevent damage due to a diet particularly rich in fats that damage blood vessel walls, therefore useful against cardiovascular diseases, overweight, diabetes ;

> finally contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and folate, the latter needed for cellular well-being.

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