Blend of essential oils to cleanse the house in winter

During the winter it is possible to use a synergistic mixture that, in addition to purifying the environment and the air, allows you to create an atmosphere that harmonizes with the season you are living, with the positive energy that can give us this period of year.

Essential oils for the home in winter: doses and benefits

> 8 drops of essential sweet orange oil ; relaxing, helps open the heart and optimism;

> 3 drops of benzoin essential oil; strongly energizing, increases vitality;

> 4 drops of geranium essential oil ; highly normalizing and balancing essence, it can be both a tonic and a relaxing one;

> 3 drops of incense essential oil ; stimulates the spiritual part, slows the breath and makes you calm and balanced.

How to use the mixture of essential oils for the home in winter

The mixture for the home in winter has the right balance of stimulants and sedatives: if you want to enhance the most dynamic aspect of the mixture of home oils, the essence of benzoin and orange is increased by one drop.

Otherwise, if you wanted to enhance the most relaxing aspect, just reduce the drops of orange oil, allowing incense and geranium to emerge and rebalance.

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