Herbal teas for him and her

The day was long for both of us. After dinner, one of the two brings the steaming cup of tea to the table. A gesture that serves to say to the other: "Speak to me". The ritual of the herbal tea must be enjoyed calmly, both during the preparation and when it is poured and then sipped. But first of all, there is the choice of suitable aromatic herbs.

Natural herbal teas for her

Natural herbal teas are precious allies of women. The network is full of forums dedicated to this tasty moment of relaxation, like the section dedicated to natural herbal teas in the Cosmopolitan community. Let's review some natural herbal teas for her.

Pain during the female cycle varies from woman to woman; in the case of menstrual disorders such as back pain, abdominal pain and nausea, natural herbal teas based on alchemilla, achillea, enagra, cardiac are very useful. To new mothers we recommend herbal teas that exploit the beneficial virtues of galega and fennel, herbs that increase the milk secretion. To counteract then water retention, an enemy of women, there are specific anti - cellulite tisanes based on lavender, lime and mint, herbs that stimulate venous and lymphatic circulation. Swollen ankles and heavy legs are defeated thanks to draining herbal teas. A curiosity? In an interview for La Stampa we read that the singers Paola and Chiara are also fans of natural herbal teas, in particular the draining and relaxing ones.

Natural herbal teas for him

As for the natural teas for him, let us remember that the active ingredients of aromatic herbs such as the epilobio and of the yarrow are effective against prostate problems . Rosemary teas help reduce occasional sexual dysfunctions, as well as counteracting mood and pressure fluctuations. To obtain an aphrodisiac herbal tea you need a combination of different herbs: sage, pineapple, dog rose and citronella. Natural herbal teas potent love potions? Titania Hardie says this in her book Love Potions and it is confirmed by popular wisdom, according to which the stimulating herbal teas made with verbena and rosemary could awaken the senses and rekindle the fire of a relationship in crisis.

Anyone who wants, can sweeten with honey or sugar. We always recommend caresses.

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