Akashic and Bach Flower Registers. Why match them and how

I have often been asked if Bach Flowers and Akashic Record Readings are compatible methods that can be used in parallel to help a person improve his or her physical and daily situation.

Despite what one might think, considering the different origins and development of the two methods, my professional experience has led me to argue that we are not talking about two worlds so separate and distant.

Akashic Record Readings

As you may know, the performance of the two consultations is completely different, because in the context of Akashic Reading a " connection " is made and predefined questions are answered, chosen by the applicant and useful to understand some salient points of his reality.

It will then be up to the person in question to act as a result of the responses received, implement certain actions or changes to their behavior and feel.

The Registers communicate Love and Light, give useful messages to clearly see situations or emotions as they really are, help to understand the emotional state of the people we relate to, understand how they can evolve the situations we live in, if we decide to change behavior or not.

They always offer positive messages, in the sense that they help to see good and positivity even in situations, which apparently may seem complicated and unsolvable. There is always a lesson to be learned in every event or relationship that creates difficulties, there is always the possibility of improving by changing our way of looking at ourselves.

The Akashic Registers also advise concrete actions that can be followed, but it is the individual who must act on himself with the help of this force and this love, arrived from the Registers.

Consultations with Bach Flowers

Very different is a consultation with Dr. Bach's remedies.

It is the person who asks for the help of the Remedies to talk about themselves and talk, to expose emotional or concrete elements that determine their state of mind. The consultant has an active role, knows how to listen carefully and intervene with questions, which serve to better focus on the salient points, request clarifications or obtain further information.

Once all the important points on the emotional state of the consultant have been deepened, the Practitioner (1) reports the Remedies identified on the basis of what has been said and explains the usefulness of each one. This brings us to the careful choice of Bach Flowers for the creation of a personalized bottle on the subject, the one that will help him return to balance and harmony . The chosen remedies help the individual to return to harmony, enhancing in him the positive qualities already present and able to counteract the predominant negative aspects in that moment (courage and love for fear, self-esteem and trust due to the lack of self-confidence and so on).

Bach Flowers are a simple, wonderful and complete method, which I describe very briefly here, with total interaction between subject and consultant.

How to combine Akashic and Bach flower registers

In my experience as a consultant for both methods, I have found that the knowledge of the person and his emotional and real situation, obtained through what I learn during a complete reading of the Akashic Records, often allows me to advise the Remedies with competence and safety of Bach useful in that period: the combination with an appropriately chosen bottle of Bach Flowers favors the return to harmony of the person himself and the fulfillment of what is suggested in the Reading of Registers. I do not mean, therefore, a fusion and exchange between the two methods, but a combination of them with the aim of helping the person.

Personally I never "impose" recourse to the Bach flower bud to those who have requested a Reading of the Registers, but I suggest it when I see that it could bring further benefits, explaining clearly why this combination and how it can work. (2)

(1) Practitioner is a Bach Flower Consultant certified by the Dr. E. Bach Foundation and registered with their International Register of Practitioners.

(2) I prefer to specify for fairness that the opposite never happens, therefore the performance of Akashic Readings to those who have asked me for a Bach Flower Consultation.

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