Dark circles: natural remedies and lifestyle

The lifestyle that helps fight dark circles

Dark circles can be constitutional, that is to be a feature of a person's appearance; however, they can also arise due to an incorrect lifestyle . The first of the natural remedies for dark circles is all in our hands, because it has to do with life style.

To combat dark circles by eliminating the cause, you must therefore work on your habits and follow some simple rules :

1) Re-evaluate the importance of sleeping well and at least a sufficient number of hours. The ideal sleep, according to a recent scientific investigation, lasts 7 hours; therefore never sleep less than 7 hours a night;

2) Do not smoke: nicotine, in fact, favors the appearance of dark circles;

3) Try to stem stress and fatigue as much as possible;

4) Follow a correct diet, that is a diet that provides for proper hydration, a sufficient intake of fruit and vegetables, a moderate consumption of alcohol and fat.

Natural remedies against dark circles

There are also natural remedies for dark circles that can help make them less obvious. It is possible, for example, to practice cold compresses on the dark circles, with a cotton pad soaked with an infusion of chamomile, mallow or cornflower ; for this purpose also rose water and thermal water are good, always to be used cold, with the help of a disk or a cotton pad; in this way a vasoconstriction and a slight decongestant effect will be obtained which will help to temporarily reduce the dark circles.

If desired, a few drops of argan oil can be added to the infusion of chamomile, mallow or cornflower. Argan oil, thanks to its properties, also helps to combat wrinkles and skin aging. Don't forget that the infusion must always be very cold.

Obviously, natural remedies, such as cucumber or potato slices, which are among the cheapest and fastest and are therefore also suitable for the laziest, are also fine. The slices of potato or cucumber must however be very cold . We therefore need to cut the chosen vegetable into round slices of about two centimeters, wash them under running water and then keep them in the freezer for a few minutes.

When they have cooled well, lie on the sofa or bed, and apply the potato or cucumber slices on the area of ​​the dark circles; change them as soon as they warm up and continue the treatment for about 15/20 minutes .

If desired, in the same session, you can use potatoes and cucumber together, first using the potato for about ten minutes, and then the cucumber for the same time. Before applying the potato or cucumber, spread a little bit of olive oil or sweet almond oil around the dark circles. After application, cleanse the area of ​​dark circles carefully and gently.

Once the skin receives these cures it relaxes and gains in shine and well-being; this allows women to get rid of many greasepaint and cosmetic products that clog the skin. When the skin is fine, a trick of makeup is enough to correct the dark circles!

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