Recipes with chufa flour

Chufa: what is it?

Chufa is a tuber that grows in humid and temperate Mediterranean interior areas.

Widespread especially in Spain, it is also found in southern Italy . The small tubers are collected and dried, can be found on the market then dried or reduced to flour.

The flavor is similar to hazelnuts, while its nutritional properties make it possible to define chufa as a superfood, in fact it is rich in:

> vitamin E and vitamin C ;

> fibers ;

> minerals , such as: phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium;

> vegetable proteins ;

> unsaturated fats .

Chufa can be used as a natural remedy for high cholesterol, intestinal disorders, digestive problems, fatigue and tiredness .

Recipes with chufa flour

Chufa flour in the kitchen can be used in addition to other flours for the preparation of bread, cakes and desserts in general.

Being inspired by the Valencian tradition, you can also use chufa flour to prepare energy and thirst quenching drinks.

Chufa energizing water

The horchata de chufa is a typical drink of Valencia and involves the use of dried tubers, but you can prepare a very similar energizing drink also using flour.


> 2 tablespoons of chufa flour;

> 200 ml of water;

> 1 teaspoon of brown sugar or other sweetener;

> cinnamon or vanilla to flavor.


Melt the flour in cold water and mix. Add the sugar and the spices and the drink is ready.

You can drink it in summer as a remineralizer, even in addition to fruit to prepare smoothies, or you can eat it in winter with warm water instead of vegetable milk.

Chufa pudding and chia seeds

Chia seeds absorb liquids very well, forming a gelatin that gives them the consistency of a soft and pleasant pudding. To prepare a pudding with special healthy properties, you can use vegetable milk to which chufa flour has been added, and then dip the chia seeds.


> 100 ml of vegetable milk (oats, soy, coconut);

> 1 tablespoon of chufa flour;

> 2 teaspoons of chia seeds;

> the tip of a spoon of bitter chocolate or raw cocoa.


Melt the flour in the vegetable milk, along with the cocoa, add the chia seeds, mix well so that no lumps form and leave to rest for a couple of hours.

This version was prepared with a chocolate flavor, but the pudding can be embellished with seasonal fruit cut into pieces, vanilla, cinnamon, natural syrups, jams and fruit compotes, crumble and puffed cereals, dried fruit and oil seeds, according to the own taste.

Good and nutritious both for breakfast and as a snack or dessert: enjoy your meal!

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