The flower and the archangel of the month of March

VERVAIN is the remedy of Bach in March, which leads us from revolution to reform, it is the flower of those who have great ideals and mistakenly believe they know the absolute truth, trying to make others follow him.

It can sometimes happen to feel pervaded by a great sense of justice, guided by great ideals, struggling and trying to convince others to follow our advice because we are sure to know what is good for them, we can do it with our children, with the friend of the heart or we can suffer it ourselves.

VERVAIN is the flower that brings balance so that the revolutionary becomes the reformer, once he becomes aware that every human being has his personal history and truth to follow.

This wonderful remedy helps us to be aware of our energy and our power, leads us to work lovingly as an example to others and lovingly guiding them by respecting their ideas and ideals.

RAGUEL means friend of GOD, his energy is the energy of justice, he brings the wrongs suffered into balance; it is also the archangel that sustains and protects the oppressed and the submissive, invoking its energies we can bring our lives into balance, returning to harmony and managing to overcome all the initiatory trials that the soul must face on its spiritual path.

Raguel is wonderful, a careful and sensitive friend who gives us the understanding of the strength that lives in us and that everything can.

It helps to balance the masculine and the feminine bringing moderation in our lives helping us to stay centered as we go through changes and initiatory trials.

Archangelic message

On a global level this means that the energies of the planet are in a state of equilibrium so that the dance between the masculine and the feminine, positive and negative must reach the point of perfect integration and then we will witness the birth of a new world.

This will not come for everyone at the same time, in fact every single soul that has embarked on the path of awakening will have to harmonize its ancient Karma by going through the initiatory tests that once overcome will be transcended and never repeated again.

Every soul that makes this journey frees the earth itself from oppression and submission to karma, the game the ego uses to keep the ANIMA MUNDI imprisoned.

Understand when the work that all of you humans are doing is important to improve your life and set an example to others, without constraint, manipulation or submission but simply being.

AQUAMARINA has calming properties, gives purity and self-confidence, encourages the sensitive side of people and protects them from external energies, contributes to the integration of the masculine with the feminine.

Load the AQUAMARINE with the energies of the archangel RAGUEL and bring the loaded crystal with you so that its energy can merge with yours, thus acquiring the gifts and properties of the archangel and the crystal.


With love Maristè and the Archangels

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