How to spend a natural Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day yes, but natural!

If Valentine's Day should be ... that it is a natural Valentine's Day: to take care of yourself, spend time with the couple, spend precious moments together with the person you love; at the same time it means sharing a common love for the environment, for animals and a great respect for life in general.

Here are some suggestions to escape commonplaces, to say no to commercial gadgets and the usual prefabricated dinners, to honor love in a profound and heartfelt way, that special day, along with all the other 364 of the year!

Valentine's Day on Wednesday!

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday, right in the middle of the week: you will probably both be at work until late afternoon, tired from the turning point and the week end that is barely visible. Return in time to give you a dinner setup that will remind you of this magical day ... Alt! Breathe and rewind the tape!

Therefore, returning home together you can:

> Doing sport: dedicate precious time around six in the afternoon: without overdoing it, like a nice run or walk together, a short bike ride to stretch your legs; or opt for a dip in the pool and a few strokes. Or you can have fun and dedicate an hour of couple yoga to yourself, here is a video that could inspire beginners and another video that will instead bring those who are already used to yoga closer together.

> Shower, scrub and massage: once the couple's sport is over, it's time to take advantage of the magical power of water to relax, take a nice shower or bath together: sweet peeling and scrub, capillary and skin massages, nourishing or purifying masks for the skin, here you can really indulge yourself. Then comes the moment of the body massage : ideal for the occasion is a beautiful natural massage candle, perfect for warming up the evening.

> Dinner for two : d ress code: at liberty, but with an apron ! The evening could continue with a fun challenge in the kitchen, fueled by good wine and good music. Obviously everything will play around special ingredients: ginger, chilli, dark chocolate, saffron and so on and so forth!

> The most romantic movie? In the cinema at this time there is the sweet Ella and John; but if you don't want to put your nose out of the house, mark these titles to recover: Arold and Maude, Moonrise Kingdom - A love escape, Bube's girl, City Lights, The Artist, The One I love, One Day, True Like the Fiction . Take a peek at the trailers, prepare popcorn and handkerchiefs, you have to shed tears.

Valentine's Day is ... Adoptions at the Pole!

For animal lovers, but not only, here is the WWF proposing a special gift, that is, giving Valentine's love to one's lover or in love an adoption of a "puppy of the cold" . We are talking about penguins, seals and polar bears, animals strongly threatened by climate change, which first of all suffer and suffer from the decrease in ice packs.

By adopting an endangered species, the recipient will receive a special personalized letter with your name and a special Valentine's Day kit which, depending on the chosen donation option, will include cute stuffed animals, animal card, certificate of adoption and letter.

A love of ... Donkey!

The Rifugio degli Asinelli - a non-profit organization that has been taking care of donkeys and abused or sick mules for years - announces another initiative by the Biella area: to adopt a small donkey from Sala Biellese to say to Valentine's Day "I love you" .

These are various gift packages to make both chronic and long-haired furry lovers happy: you can choose, between Alvin, Agostino, Clementina or Galileo, which of these and other donkeys to adopt and help. In addition to the adoption certificate there are magnets, placemats, a cup and a special greeting card for the party of lovers.

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