Asthenia in Chinese medicine: the causes and remedies

The vital energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine, each organ of the body has a psychic content, which means that we also store mental energies within the body.

In this perspective, asthenia is therefore a condition of imbalance in the energies we have.

Each organ has its own Qi, its reserve (which can be maintained, increased, decreased). In summary, when the premises for asthenia are ignored for a long time, when the organs and their signals and manifestations are not listened to, then all the general vital content decays.

The word comes from the Greek adjective ασθένος (asthènos) which means " powerless ". This disorder falls into a broader category belonging to Chinese Medicine called: xu lao . We find in this basin all the disturbances deriving from the result of overwork, psychophysical stress, but also of particularly debilitating chronic pathologies such as anemia or imbalances of the thyroid.

If we think of asthenia we think of "something that fails", but in the cyclical perspective of the management of energy resources, that void has an excess behind it. Let's see in detail what it is.

Asthenia: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in Chinese medicine

Among the deficit syndromes there are those related to the qi of yang, blood, yin and jing, but asthenia can also bind to the 5 excess syndromes ( qi stasis, blood stasis, humidity, tan, pathogenic factors latent).

Here the role of the acupuncturist doctor becomes fundamental. By observing the external appearance, the use of the word, the movements in space, the state of the tongue, nails, eyes, breath, hair, asking precise and targeted questions, like a detailed and extremely delicate regulation expert, acupuncture will understand that road to take to "rebalance the volumes". And restore harmony.

The energy imbalances that give rise to asthenia are linked to intoxication and malfunctioning of organs that damage mental energy: for example, an intoxicated liver decreases the strength of decisions. In addition to the liver meridians, in the case of asthenia, those of the heart and spleen are often treated.

Acupuncture mobilizes the qi, the energy of the Liver, and reassures the shen, through work on these points:

  • SHEN MEN (on the crook of the wrist), which tones and regulates cardial qi;
  • XING JIANG (between the big toe and the second toe), which tones and regulates the Liver, and cools the Blood;
  • FENG LONG (between the lower edge of the kneecap and the vertex of the external malleolus), which dissolves moisture, mobilizes the qi of the Spleen and Stomach, calms the shen and promotes the descent of the Yang .

However, we would like to point out that these are only general indications, to be sought out of curiosity in an acupuncture atlas but without thinking of going further by yourself. The presence of an acupuncturist doctor, constancy, trust these components give way to transformation.

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