June 21, National Day against Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma

June 21, the day for the fight against blood diseases

Promoted as every year by AIL, the National Day against leukemia, lymphomas and myeloma represents a very important moment of meeting and reflection.

It is a time chosen to promote information and attention on the treatment of blood diseases, while at the same time knowing what the progress of scientific research is.

The individual AIL sections promote and organize meetings, events and numerous initiatives locally.

Here are some for 2017 :

> Toll-free number for information : an important service offered by the AIL, within the National Day, is the Toll-free number - AIL haematological problems 800226524 .

A call center active from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, dedicated to the questions of patients to which some of the most illustrious Italian hematology doctors respond.

> The project "Sognando Itaca" : this is a great trip by sailboat in the Tyrrhenian Sea, from June 5th to 21st, with professional skippers, patients, doctors, nurses and psychologists traveling together and navigating with the aim of making known the importance of therapy, in this case of the singular sail-therapy.

The stages of the journey? Departure from Gaeta on 5 June, Salerno on 6, Cetraro on 8, Reggio Calabria on 10, Palermo on 14, Cagliari on 18 and ending on 21 June in Naples. Here is the video that tells about the Ail boat trip.

> " Take Action", this is a competition for young video-makers to talk about issues related to the fight against blood cancer.

> " COCKT-AIL" national competition for young and qualified Italian bartenders promoted by AIBES - Italian Barmen and Supporters Association, which will see Bartender and Barladies try their hand at making cocktails designed specifically for Ail.

Many will be, during the day, the Ail Banquets for fundraising, present in the main squares of Italian cities.

Furthermore it is possible to consult on the dedicated page of the Ail website a list of all the initiatives proposed by the various Italian AIL sections.

Discover also the other Prevention Days:

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