Mango chia pudding, the recipe

Mango and chia: protagonists of well-being

Granita with mango, mango ice cream, mango chutney and smoothie to no end ... It seems that this summer to dominate as the king of fruit is tropical orange! Here you are, to make sure you do not miss anything and take you back to the relaxing hot and idle days of the summer that is greeting us, even the recipe for pudding - a kind of pudding - with mango and chia seeds .

Are you wondering if a snack like this is good? Know that chia seeds, rich in calcium, vitamin C and omega3, are useful for the health of the intestine and the nervous system, but not only; while mango r rich with vitamin A is useful for constipation, water retention and stress. All you need is a ride in an ethnic shop or a well-stocked supermarket.

The recipe for mango pudding and chia seeds


> 30 g of chia seeds;

> 200 ml of coconut milk;

> some vanilla seeds;

> 150 ml of water (or coconut water if you find it);

> a ripe mango;

> lime juice to taste cereal flakes or toasted nuts and coconut to decorate.


Put the chia seeds in a large bowl or bowl, add the coconut milk, water and some vanilla seeds. Mix well with a spoon, seal everything tightly or with a film and leave to rest for about two hours .

Meanwhile clean and peel the mango, cut it into pieces, place it in a blender and turn. Keep a few pieces to decorate. Add the filtered lime juice and operate for a last time, obtaining a thick and soft puree .

For the preparation of the pudding, take some glass jars (even those recycled of yogurt, honey and jams are fine), give life to your pudding, making a layer of mango purée and one of chia pudding, alternating them. Decorate to taste with diced mango and dried fruit or cereals. Serve as is or put it in the fridge for half an hour to make it even fresher.

Variations: instead of milk and coconut water, you can also use vegetable milk, for example almond or hazelnut milk.

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