Bach Flowers to overcome shyness

Bach flowers for shyness intervene on a series of emotional symptoms, restoring balance, calm and confidence in one's abilities . Shyness is a reaction against some situations experienced with discomfort, embarrassment or shame . It can manifest with redness, palpitations, stuttering, excessive confidentiality, refusal of contact with others to the point, in the most serious forms, of pathologies such as anxiety and social disorders.

The person lives the judgment of the world on his own account in a negative and persecuting way: the threat of the external environment does nothing but trigger a chain, where low self-esteem, fear of judgment, negative expectations and shame feed on each other.

What is shyness

Shyness is seen as an attempt by the person who affects it, to keep distance with the world, which is experienced as intrusive, judgmental, cumbersome and bad, from which we must defend ourselves .

Although not a disease, shyness is a disorder that can create considerable discomfort, and in severe cases, can lead to psychological complications, such as depression and drug use; in other less extreme cases, it can lead to loneliness . The difficulty that the timid meet to build social relationships, often forces them to accept situations that do not require a great relational and initiative effort.

Most people with shyness experience discomfort or embarrassment with strangers (70%); of persons of the other sex (64%); if they are forced to speak in public (73%); if they are in a large group (68%); if they consider their status lower than that of their interlocutors (68%); or if they feel inferior in various ways (56%).

Generally speaking, the appearance of shyness seems to be fairly early and would occur from early childhood and adolescence, as opposed to the social phobia that would only start later. It can disappear spontaneously or thanks to meetings, experiences or particular moments that have allowed to overcome this state (for example sporting successes or in the scholastic and / or professional field).

Bach Flowers for shyness

Bach flowers for shyness in general help to overcome the discomfort felt by those who think they cannot make it because of fears related to everyday life; or by those who have excessive privacy ; for those suffering from lack of self-esteem, a sense of inferiority and shame, due to a wrong view of themselves. In fact, the timid often tend to overestimate the difficulties and underestimate their abilities . Such apprehensions are naturally not the result of an objective analysis of the situation, but of the doubts that characterize those suffering from shyness.

  • Mimulus : it was the first remedy discovered by dr. Edward Bach, and is effectively employed for shyness, privacy, fear of the world . Who needs Mimulus appears as a peaceful person, silent and solitary, shy, introverted, reserved, insecure, hypersensitive, very prudent and delicate: he needs protection. She bears her discomfort secretly and in silence, does not talk about it willingly with others, is ashamed of her fear and hides it without facing it. Under stress it is agitated, can sweat, stutter, blush and even raise the volume of the voice. He feels in awe, as if everyone were better than him. Lacks courage and postpones the "highlight". The assumption of Mimulus helps to give strength and courage to face others and difficulties without delaying; gives calm to get out of the shell and peacefully confront the world.
  • Water Violet : it is indicated to overcome the difficulty in contact with others, extreme privacy and detachment. People who are in this emotional state are touching the world. isolating themselves. They express themselves little because they are afraid of not being understood ; they prefer to listen rather than talk, they are hardly really involved. They bear their sorrows in silence, they love to stand apart or behind the scenes. They hide behind an apparent self-sufficiency, a loneliness and a sadness that can become desperate. For fear of rejection they are incapable of showing affection and warmth on a physical level, which in reality correspond to their basic needs. Assuming this remedy the wall around the heart is broken down. Water violet to come out of empty solitude, giving the capacity for contact, communication and wisdom.
  • Pine is the remedy for those who feel uncomfortable because of the negative image of themselves, due to feelings of inferiority and shame . The remedy helps to acquire a right sense of responsibility and judgment about one's work. In fact, these people are inflexible in judging themselves, they condemn and blame and they always apologize for their faults because they think they are always wrong . They lack the joy of living, they do not take initiatives because they are paralyzed by a sense of guilt . They feel cowardly and unworthy, morally condemnable, responsible for everything, so they believe they don't deserve joy and love.
  • Crab Apple : it is the remedy for those who feel ashamed as they are ; who has a bad relationship with himself and lacks self-respect. It teaches us to become aware, to look at ourselves without fear, accepting good and evil within us . Develop our forgotten qualities. Helps overcome the sense of shame and humiliation. These people nurture fixed thoughts, obsessions, morbid and apprehensive ideas, which create sadness and anxiety: they think of diseases, germs, hygiene, certain animals like insects, feeling repulsion and fear . Their affections are disordered and disappointing, they reject the affection expressed through corporeality, because they have a hostile relationship with their bodies, they feel disgust for physiological functions, and they live with a "dirty" feeling that they want to get rid of.
  • Larch : it is the remedy to overcome the sense of inferiority and the fear of failure . It teaches not to be discouraged, to assess the situation with balance, and to take initiatives . We learn to look inside ourselves, starting from what we are and not from what others think of us. Helps recover the boldness, self-esteem and proper self-assessment . It makes you aware of your ability to build success and happiness. These people think they are worth less than others, they are less skilled, inferior. They have weak personalities, they do not know how to oppose negative external situations. They do not risk or strive, for fear of failure, they fear the judgment of others . They take on few responsibilities, they fail to seize the opportunities that life offers them and refer to infinity . Always on the defensive, they feel losers, defeated at the start because of the opinion they have of themselves. Fixed self-limiting ideas; isolation, introversion, pessimism, sadness, discouragement, tendency to remain anchored to past negative experiences.

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